August 17, 2019-Sixth Silver Dollar City Trip

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If you are just skimming the blog tonight, make sure that you do take time to read the last paragraph!

Most everyone in our room woke up at 5 this morning. Whitman had been coughing for just a little bit-well, enough that I debated getting him some water. Graham went to the bathroom, then I did and after that Campbell did as well. I didn't think that we were ever going to get to sleep again, but soon Robby was telling me that my alarm was ringing. 

We hit snooze for a bit too long, so we scurried around just a little bit this morning. We did eat the hotel breakfast, and really it was the best breakfast we have ever eaten in Branson apart from Billy Gails.

When we had finished, we quickly loaded up the cart, packed the car and drove to Silver Dollar City. We were still there before the opening time. Our usual routine is to go to Time Traveler and Thunderation the first thing in the morning. Instead, we hustled on to Powder Keg. Robby rode it twice wtih Whitman. We really need him to grow another inch to help out our Silver Dollar City trips. If he was just an inch taller, then he could ride almost all of the rides by himself. (Plus he needs to grow an inch at Disney for Rock n Roller coaster.)

Next we went to Fire in the Hole followed by Outlaw Run and Wildfire. Everyone did the seat thing where you pull yourself up to the top. Graham and I were together, and he didn't help me at all! That stinker. My hands were burning by the time the ride was over.

We were starting to wrap up by this time so we went to Time Traveler but the line was too long for that so everyone rode Thunderation. The next stop was supposed to be the big swings, but they were being cleaned. So we rode the pirate ship and teacups down at the bottom before heading back up to the top of the park.

You can't leave Silver Dollar City without cinnamon bread so we gladly ate our normal share plus Reagan and Anderson's share. Whitman had made a deal with Robby-Whitman wanted to ride some wet rides but Robby offered up Grandfather's Mansion instead. Whitman was super pleased with that idea so it was a win for everyone.

Then it was back to the car. We drove a bit, and then I started fixing our lunches. I was still working on lunches when we arrived back at the bread thrift store in Harrison. We were in there yesterday, but I still found a few more things today. 

We did stop nearish to Conway for a potty stop. I am not really sure where it was that we stopped, but I did drive home from there, and it was at least 30 minutes to Conway. We did stop at Walmart and Kroger on the way home. Reagan needed a soccer ball for her upcoming soccer practice (we have at least 17 soccer balls at our house, but none the right size.) And then there was a sale on cheese for we bought a couple or maybe more like a dozen.

When we did arrive home, Reagan and Anderson were already home from their one night retreat. Candice was nice enough to bring them home for us. They seemed like they had a good time. Anderson was exhuasted and said that he had very little sleep. Reagan also had little sleep but she does well with no sleep.

We all unloaded from our night away, and then headed to the Wilsons' house for supper. After we ate, Anderson asked to go home. Reagan wasn't showing any signs of sleep deprivation and played a round of kickball with the others. When they all came in, we devoured some ice cream-Blue Bell was also on sale today!

We then came home for showers and bed for the crew. As we were tucking everyone in tonight, Reagan casually mentioned, "I got saved last night." Robby and I were both a bit surprised and exstatic to hear this. We could not be more excited for her! Wonderful, wonderful news!

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