August 20, 2019

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  • School again. It seems like we are doing school all of the time now. I guess that it what we are supposed to do. Actually, I love it! It is chaotic and crazy, but I know what is going to happen each morning and that makes me happy.
  • I didn't know however that at 7:03 this morning that Keaton would come in our room and ask to make muffins. Campbell had made them yesterday, and I guess that she wanted her turn to cook. That was fine since we were stocked up on muffin mix (were-not stocked up anymore though). 
  • Since she started early with her muffins, they were ready by our time to read together. Everyone ate as I read about Venus and the French and Indian War today. I tell you, there are plenty of books to read about the French and Indian War and not too many of those books are interesting! Now, Venus I am finding a bit more interesting.
  • We then started on our work. For some reason, I became really far behind today. I work with everyone at least once during the day. Reagan I work with the shortest amount of time because I just have to check that she has finsihed her stuff and grade her math. Campbell I work with the longest because 3rd and 4th grade are just tough. Everyone else fall somewhere in between. 
  • So from 8-9 we read, that leaves me 3 hours to finish. That comes out to 30 minutes a kid and yes, I definitely watch the clock. Back to today, I was almost an hour behind at one point, but was somehow able to catch up. At noon though I laid down on the floor and felt like I had run a race. Who knew that school could be so hard?
  • About that time, Robby and I decided that I needed to get Reagan new cleats for tonight. Yesterday, she tried on one pair that was way too small and then we tried on another pair which was the next size up but they were way too large. Since we weren't able to find what we needed from that garage stash, she and I loaded up for Academy.
  • We were able to find shoes there for her but it did involve me having a man climb a ladder and also get on his hands and knees looking for the shoes. I was so happy that I could have hugged the man becuase I sure didn't want to pay 20 more dollars for other shoes.
  • We then hurried home to pick up the others and then headed to the library. We were going to make sugar crystals today, but they were kind of a flop. Half of the kids were able to make them, but the others weren't. That was fine though because after the class, the kids had the meal again today. Whitman was the only one to eat his apple, so I brought everyone's apples home with us-yes, I added them to the full apple drawer in the fridge.
  • After the library, we headed to meet all of the friends at Third Realm. Our jumping days are coming to a close, but today we hit 100 visits! Now all of the kids have not been there all 100 times, but that does mean that Robby or I have been there 100 times. 
  • We jumped, and then ran home for a little bit. Robby heated up some hot dogs for our supper. We scarfed it down before taking Reagan to her first soccer practice. I don't think that she was nervous at all, but we might have been a bit nervous for her.
  • Robby and I hung around for a little bit but then drove to Pinnacle after dropping her off. We didn't climb the mountain today because it is so blasted hot. We did however, sit in the shade and play on our phones until practice was over.
  • When we picked her up, she was super chatty which means that she had fun. She also was incredibly wet with sweat. She said that she didn't know that she could sweat that much! I didn't either!
  • We ran to Walmart on the way home, and then were home for the evening. The kids had some downtime and ice cream before bedtime. Whitman is a bit spooked lately in the house and at night. Tonight he called me upstairs because he was scared. I laid beside him and told him that he had two big strong brothers in the room with him, and his daddy was downstairs. I then added, "and who else protects you?" I was going for the "Jesus" answer, but instead he looked at me and replied, "Momma!"

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