August 3, 2019

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  • What a wonderful Saturday this was. We didn't have anything on our calendar for today. It didn't even take long for Robby and I to find somewhere to go this morning. After laundry and the dishes, we headed off to Sams. 
  • They overcharged us for medicine at Sams the other day, so while they were fixing that, we looked all around the store. There were lots of things to buy, but nothing that we really needed. I have plans of getting rid of 200 things around here in the next week or so, so buying things won't help in my decluttering of the house.
  • Next stop was Walmart where we found a few fun things to buy-we didn't spend over 11 dollars though. And yes, I know bringing home 6 pool noodles doesn't help with decluttering, but at 20 cents apiece how could I pass it up?
  • By the time we made it to Kroger, everyone was awake so Campbell and Keaton continually were texting me asking where we were, when we would be home and sending me things to buy. We found plenty of things to buy without their help. The granola bars were quite the deal today so I do believe that we have about 30 boxes of those now in the pantry.
  • When we came home, we unloaded our groceries, and then we all loaded up for lunch. If you brought a case of bottled water to a Firehouse Sub today, you would get a free medium sub. So we all carried in a case of bottled water. Well, Whitman couldn't carry his and Keaton barely made it in the door before a worker did come and help her.
  • Our sandwiches were delicious, and afterwards we did run into Kroger one more time. Then it was home for a few little bit. Nonna and Pops came over for a little bit. Once they left, we picked up the Heltz kids and headed to Third Realm.
  • It was a bit crowded there, but the kids had fun. When we came home, there were showers for the kids while we worked on supper. Operation clean out the freezer is still in effect-chicken nuggets, twice baked potatoes and edamame were all supper tonight. 
  • When they was cleaned up, the kids helped me slice some biscuits for my Sunday school snack tomorrow. Then we had a quiet rest of the evening before sending everyone to bed!

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