August 30, 2019

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  • I was up way earlier than usual because I headed out to sit with my mom this morning during my dad's surgery. The surgery took a little bit, but we were entertained with lots of visitors and frequent trips to the cafeteria. 
  • My dad did fine during the surgery and seems to be doing fine tonight. He still has at least one night of a hospital stay along with a pretty good recovery period in front of him. I was there until 2 when I rushed home like a mad woman because I was just going to have 20 minutes at home before we turned around and left again for the night.
  • The kids had done pretty much nothing all day long. I am glad that they enjoyed their day off of school. Now, Campbell and Keaton had helped do some power washing this afternoon. Our flower beds are newly mulched and the sidewalks are power washed. I wish that I could use that power washer inside the house to clean things. If I could do that-these are the things that I would clean-my kitchen cabinets, my carper and my bathrooms. Wonder if that would be possible?
  • After being home for just a bit, we sooned turned around and left for Third Realm. We had been offered a pretty good deal yesterday for more passes. However, today we found out that the deal that sounded too good to be true was actually too good to be true. So tomorrow will probably be our last day there for a while.
  • From there, we headed to the Salt Bowl tailgate. We lucked out with a free parking spot. We were right by a sign that mentioned that violators would be towed which greatly bothered Graham. We assured him that we would not be there long enough to be towed (we were in a parking lot so we really weren't doing anything horrible.)
  • We loaded up and freebies-balls (for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes), cups, pens and notepads (mainly just me there) plus there was lots of food-chips, candy, snowcones, hot dogs, cashew chicken, cokes, waters, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles. I do believe that my kids feel that the Salt Bowl tailgate is one of their favorite days of the year.
  • Reagan stayed with Candice for the game. We were having no part of that-too hot and too pricy for us. So we headed to the pool. Most of our buddies were there so the kids all enjoyed thierselves despite the 30 minutes we had to wait after thunder.
  • We stayed pretty late and then came home in time for everyone to look through their bags of goodies. I should have taken a picture of my bag of goodies, but quickly put everything away (6 balls, 15 little boxes of lemonheads, 8+ ChickFilA gift cards, 2 free hair cut coupons, a free car wash, 2 bags, candy, credit card holders, and some chips. It was a pretty good haul.)
  • Reagan didn't get in until 11 so after looking for something to eat and not being able to find anything, she headed upstairs to bed. Robby and I still have a few more things to do around the house before calling it quits for the day.

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