August 11, 2019

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  • Since Whitman has become afraid of a few things in the house lately, he has joined us in bed a bit more often. Not only is he afraid of my shower/closet area which causes changing clothes and showers to be a bit difficult, he is now also afraid of being in the living room by himself first thing in the morning. This really works out to our benefit though because that means that he comes to our room and snuggles with us.
  • He asked me repeatedly to wake up the boys this morning. I had to remind him that Graham was at his sleepover, but I did eventually go and wake up Anderson-only because it was time to have everyone start getting ready.
  • We made it to church on time. Reagan was quick to get moving this morning since she was wearing her new cute outfit that she bought with Grannymom last week. She looked like the teenager that she is-big hoop earrings, hair in a huge bun-she was adorable.
  • Graham found us at church after his sleepover. They had a great time. The mom of the house that he was at wrote me and said, "Graham was so polite and sweet. He's such a nice young man." Now, isn't that good to hear?
  • Today was promotion Sunday at church. Most every one stayed right where they were or near their old rooms. Anderson did move up to the youth. He was a bit uneasy about where to go this morning. He said that he found a friend and was just fine. 
  • Whitman also moved up from preschool to children's department. He did just fine and didn't bat an eye at the change. It probably helped that he had great Sunday school teachers-Robby and me. 
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. It was Mexican casserole which everyone seems to enjoy. I think that I enjoyed Nonna's cookies though more than the actual meal. Everyone seems to be able to make chocolate chip cookies better than me.
  • I am not too sure if I have updated on my oven lately. Robby bought me a good oven thermometer. It consistently reads at least 50 to 100 degrees lower than it should. Now, have I ever adjusted the temperature of the oven? Nope. One day I plan on that and hopefully my cookie and baking problems will be solved. 
  • This afternoon Robby and I had about one hour for a nap. It didn't take us long to fall sound asleep. Now I did have my alarm going off steadily the last bit of our nap. It was trying to wake us up since he was taking the kids to Third Realm. This was their 93rd time to go there.
  • Afterwards, they went to the pool and I met up with them there after my church meeting. The weather was a bit warm tonight-warm enough that I had to get in the pool for a little bit. There were lots of friends there so my kids all swam and had a good time.
  • Currently, folks are find their bedtime snack while we are listening to Whitman cough. Robby took him out of church today because of his coughing. He coughed all the way home tonight. He doesn't have fever and says that his ears don't hurt. We finished his antibiotics but this cough is a bit crazy. He might just earn himself a doctor's appointment in the next day or so!

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