August 25, 2019

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  • Church morning around here. I am not sure why I was the last one ready today-it might have had to do with me combing Campbell and Keaton's hair along with helping Graham make his smoothie. I threw on my clothes, dabbed on my makeup and then just had to wait for the hair dryer to dry my hair. 
  • We then all headed to church. The kids all seemed to enjoy their Sunday school classes right now. Whitman is with us, and we have a pretty good first grade group for our Sunday school class. 
  • We had our lunch at Nonna's house. They had bbq which is always a hit. Her brownies were super yummy, and I probably could have eaten the whole bag myself, but that would be bad! 
  • After lunch, the kids, Nonna, Jason and I all played a "short" game of Trivial Pursuit. The game went fairly well until the end when the boys started laughing about the country named Djibouti. By the end, every time we didn't know an answer, we would just shout out "Djibouti." Robby said that it was fairly difficult to nap during all of our commotion.
  • I did get my nap when we came home. It was only about a 30 minute nap since I had to run to church for a meeting. Afterwards, I met Robby and the kids at the pool. They had gone to Third Realm during my meeting.
  • We ate pizza and swam tonight. Well, Robby and I didn't get close to the water since we were sure that it was chilly! The kids enjoyed being with some of their buddies at the pool. The evening was pretty pleasant. 
  • When we came home, everyone showered and then had a bit of downtime before it was finally bedtime for everyone. 
  • I tucked the kids in first and it was a good long while until Robby finally went up there to tuck them in. The longer he waits to tuck them in, the rowdier they get. I heard Robby go up the stairs and then the entire house heard him hollar to scare the kids. After he spooked them, they were all screaming back as well. As loud as all of the screams coming from upstairs just where, I am sure that someone wet themselves!

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