Augut 21, 2019

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  • Today was fairly similar to yesterday. The kids are still getting used to Robby being home every day. I was asked at least twice, "Dad is home?" He usually hides in the bonus room until lunch time when we will see him for a few minutes.
  • The kids did great on their school work. I have figured out what I want to do for Anderon's spelling, and Reagan did one section of her ACT. She did fine for never having taken a test before. Whitman still took forever, but he is at least cute.
  • We all had our lunch before doing another round of reading. We knoked out a Jr. Ranger book and are moving steadily along in our Latin book. Whitman is a pro at only one Latin phrase-Ego Amo Te (I love you.)
  • This afternoon flew by becuase in the middle of it, we loaded up and headed to Third Realm. Not too many more weeks to go, and the kids always love seeing their buddies. Though I know that I could accomplish a lot more if I wasn't leaving the house every single day. I love days that you just don't leave the house at all! Those are my favorite days ever.
  • After lots of jumping, we ran home briefly before leaving again for another Wednesday night. This is the first normal schedule one so it was new to everyone. I again have another good first grade group. We just have one kiddos that needs some extra attention (and he's not mine.)
  • Reagan badly wanted to stay longer after church tonight so we did stay which made her happy. All of the kids were out playing gaga ball. Once it was time to leave, we rushed home so Robby and I could meet the Wilsons for an evening walk.
  • We were racing the lightening that seemed to be all around us. I was afraid that we were going to be blown away-or maybe I was hoping that a storm would come and we could stop early! 
  • When we came home, I made the kids ice cream sandwiches which they kind of liked. I am not sure though since no one really asked for seconds on the ice cream sandwiches! Then it was time for bed for the crew-one more day of school this week!

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