August 8, 2019

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  • Everyone was back home this morning so it was school day. Since we had plans of leaving right before noon, we had to hustle. The day went pretty good. Graham did have a difficult few moments when he temporarily lost his ever loving mind! He recovered well and even finished his school work first.
  • Even though Reagan was working with very little sleep, she was able to fly through her school work and finish two days instead of just one. I think that maybe she does better on little sleep. I used to be like her at slumber parties and stay up until everyone else was asleep. Now, I have some sense!
  • Most things were finished when it was time to leave the house-Anderson still has two things left to do, Reagan had science with Keaton and Whitman to finish, and Campbell still has her math from today. (It didn't get any easier today.)
  • We scurried off to the pool. Graham had run a lunch errand with Robby, so he came later. My kiddos enjoyed swimming. Well, Reagan and Anderson never really made it into the pool. They were expecting more buddies to be there, but they will have another chance tomorrow.
  • Once at home, I read to a few folks and soon ran to get Cash and drop of Keaton and Campbell. Cash was spending the night over here, and the girls are spending the night at Dana's house. While the boys were busy doing whatever boys do, Robby and I spent the evening pressure washing. Seriously, we just could not stop. There is still plenty to do another day. 
  • The boys did spent quite a bit of time playing Minecraft. It was kind of interesting to listen to since they were all hollering at each other. It does seem that Minecraft it the great equalizer-Whitman was able to hang and play with the big boys without a problem while playing Minecraft.
  • I was a muddy mess after power washing, so I had to have a shower before we started on our supper. Anderson was pleased that we were still serving up his mac and cheese. He also made sure that we finished off his cake tonight. 
  • The boys spent a good bit of time sumo wrestling with pillows under their shirts. We just let them have at it and prayed that nothing or no one was broken. They survived and are now watching a movie!

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