August 18, 2019

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  • Another Sunday morning around here. Things were pretty calm-it probably helped that we had plenty of breakfast choices due to our stops at the bread thrift store on the way to and from Branson.
  • Whitman did walk through our room early. He said that he had to go and change clothes-this means that his pants and sheets are wet. Later, we heard the whole story from Graham. Whitman was in Graham's bed so when Graham felt that the bed was wet, he climbed into the floor. Later, Whitman woke up and asked to lay on the floor by Graham who being the good brother that he is said yes. Graham also said that he was already wet himself so it didn't really matter. I have said it before, but who knows what all goes on upstairs during the night.
  • Our Sunday school class went fine today. Our difficult kiddo seems to not be a real problem at all so that is a really good thing. Everyone seems to be enjoying their new classes so that makes me happy.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and celebrated Cash's birthday. Quiche was on the menu which is exactly what Campbell and Anderson said that they wanted for their December birthdays. 
  • After we ate, Robby worked on their tv while the kids played games. Whitman and Grannymom even worked on some stretches for him since he has an good inch and possibly and inch and a half to grow before Disneyworld. 
  • On the way home, we went to get our car washed and moments later as we were nearing the house, a monsoon came. The wind was crazy-nuts enough that I worried about a tree falling on us. 
  • We came home, unloaded and I laid down for a little bit (about 20 minutes). While I was laying down the thunder was incrdibly loud, the wind was blowing and the power went out for a good 5 minutes. It was a pretty exciting afternoon.
  • As soon as the storm was over, Robby loaded up the crew and headed to Third Realm to jump. All of the buddies were there. I stayed home and worked on school for next week. Then it was time to meet up at the pool.
  • The weather seemed decent on the way but it sprinkled for the first hour that the kids swam. The sun was out but it just sprinkled away. They loved it. The Fergusons were there to so my kids enjoyed playing with all of their littles. 
  • We ate supper at the pool-sandwiches-and even stayed until closing. They close at 8 on Sundays which is the perfect time because when we come home, we still feel like we have some downtime before bed. 
  • There were lots of showers and I worked some more on school stuff before we sent everyone to bed. First I had to remake Graham's bed-all of his sheets are super clean. I probably should have told Whitman to stay in his own bed tonight!

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