August 27, 2019

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  • Once again I was the one of the last ones up this morning. I have learned that my first tasks in the morning do not need to be brushing my teeth, putting on my socks or getting out the laundry like I would prefer to do. Instead, I know hussle up the stairs to start waking up the girls. The sooner they are awake, the sooner that we can get our school together time started. 
  • After I wake them up, then I am able to brush my teeth and get my socks on. This morning as we were reading, my Campbell started to fold the laundry. She finished all of it before we had finished our reading. I guess that she figured that if she didn't do it, then I would ask for folks to do it after I finished reading.
  • Today instead I asked for them to help me with the dishwasher. I had asked everyone to do 20 things, but I guess that it was so incredibly full that a few folks emptying 20 thing didn't seem to make much of a difference. When I did make it to the dishwasher later in the morning, it still seemed full to the brim-but at least most of the silverware was emptied. 
  • Whitman was as slow as Christmas today. Everyone else sped along with their work. Some days I feel super confident about all of our school work that we do, and others not so much. I will say though that after our trivia game Sunday at Nonna's house, I do know that my kids are trivia wizards. 
  • After lunch, we read a bit more then headed off to the library. I know that I have said it before, but going to do the library and getting books is one of my favorite things. And then tonight, I get to reuqest most books which also makes me supper happy. (I know, I need a hobby or something. Library books shouldn't make a person this happy.)
  • The kids made slime at the library, and they also redid the rock candy experiment that that did last week. They seemed to enjoy it all, but it just meant that we left wtih 6 cups of slime plus 6 cups of sugary liquid that should turn into rock candy. It could have been a messy ride home, but thankfully everything stayed in it's place and there were no spills.
  • After the library, we headed to Third Realm. Our time there is growing short so we definitely don't want to miss any this week. The kids will be a bit bummed when all of this is over-I am on the fence. I enjoy the momma chatting time and especially love that the kids are getting so much exercise, but I will be glad to gain back my afternoons. I love being home...possibly I am a hermit.
  • We ran home for a few minutes before turning around for Reagan's practice. Robby, Keaton and Campbell went with Reagan and me. We dropped Reagan off and then Robby dropped the little girls and me off at Walmart. We ran into Great Clips for Campbell to have a hair cut. All of my girls have been begging for one so today was Campbell's day. 
  • Robby ran to the gas station so we would have enough gas to get home. He also picked up a few things from the grocery store while we were getting hair cut and doing some shopping of our own. 
  • Reagan again was chatty after her practice. She played in the midfield today and seemed to enjoy it. She did say that she was soar and her coach was highly encouraging the girls to run-I guess we will start on that after Third Realm is over. She was again a sweaty mess after practice. She even wondered aloud how come all of the Dennies sweat so much.
  • We came home with food for supper so as some showered, Robby made quesadillas for our supper. We had it all ready fairly quickly and were able to sit around the table it eat our supper tonight. Afterwards, the some more kids had showers and then we had some downtime before bed. 
  • The kids have been staying up pretty late the last few nights. The only thing bad about that is, it takes them a while to wind down once they are in their beds so the boys were still going strong late last night and I can still hear them tonight!

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