August 7, 2019

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  • We weren't going to do our normal working together (science, history and all of our other things) because Reagan would be gone, and I didn't want for her to miss it. That was certainly fine with everyone else though.
  • The whole house was awake by 8. Actually, Campbell and Keaton had already made two bags of muffins. When I asked everyone to get to work, they really jumped to it.
  • Campbell is struggling with long division-it is really just the beginnings of long division, but it is tough for her right now. I have tried to explain it in every way that I know how. I am sure it will click with her soon, but I hope it happens sooner rather than later. 
  • Anderson seems to be fairly focused so far this year and is rocking his work. While, Whitman can only seem to focus if he is "thinking about his ipad." Now, I usually always try to get him to race me. For example, I will tell him to try to finish one page by the time that Campbell and I are finished with spelling. He will never race like that with me. However, he and Keaton were trying to finish their pages before the end of a song today. Hopefully, that works for him!
  • I picked up Reagan, Kennedy and Alyssa from a sleepover. They all had a great time. Only one of them stayed up all night-my child. She was going pretty strong when I dropped her off at Grannymom's house to go birthday shopping. 
  • Grannymom and Reagan did well on their shopping. They ran to a quite a few places and picked up all of Reagan's birthday stuff plus an outfit for me to buy her. And they even did some driving practice at the church house. 
  • Back at home, we had loaded up and gone to the pool for the afternoon. It was hot, but all of our friends were there. The kids all had fun swimming. We were planning on leaving at 3:50 but the thunder roared right before then so the pool was closed a bit early.
  • Today was Anderson's turn to make supper so when we came home, he had to get to work on his lemon bundt cake which turned out to be delicious. I then had to call Robby in a panic saying that we needed milk-we were 5 cups short of the milk for our mac and cheese. It took a bit but eventually, Anderson's meal of hamburgers and mac and cheese was on the table. It was pretty good, and he did great cooking and baking. 
  • The mac and cheese was pretty good-I was worried about it while it was baking. The kids said that it was good but not their favorite. I do hope that the like it decently because we have over half of a 9x13 left to eat. 
  • Most everyone had taken their showers after swimming, but Anderson and Campbell still had to plus we had laundry to fold along with trash to take out. I also had a bit of school work to catch up on with Campbell. We did all of that this evening, and plus I still had time for some card games with Campbell, Keaton and Graham.

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