August 19, 2019

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  • Mondays can go well or they can go not so well. Thankfully. this Monday went very well. Whitman even finsihed his work by lunchtime. Anderson is working a bit slower, but still finished near lunch.
  • We have almost all of our school routine going now. The big 5 haven't started their Bible study yet, but that will begin in September. I have one thing that I have not started yet with Reagan, Anderson and Graham. Then we are also not eating lunch together and reading during lunchtime. I love that time but am not too sure if I can start that up since that time is nice to just catch up.
  • After lunch, everyone again gathered in my room for some more reading. The plan is to finish a few books early this year so I am trying my best to get things accomplished. Though I am struggling to find one more thing for Anderson to start to work on his spelling so that definitely won't be finished early or even on time!
  • Anderson worked on a cake this afternoon for Nonna's belated birthday. It was the same lemon cake that he made last week. He was very happy to make it for us to eat tonight. I really think my kiddos enjoy cooking. Now if I could just get them to heat up the leftovers like I usually do.
  • We headed to Third Realm late this afternoon. All of the buddies were there so the kids were busy the entire time. Afterwards, we came home and worked on cleaning out the fridge for our supper.
  • Then we loaded up and went to Nonna's house to celebrate with her. We put candles on the cake and sang. Then we all dug in. The cake was again excellent, but some of the kids also wanted ice cream. Whitman does not like the lemon cake because he thinks it tastes like banana.
  • After we ate, we played a grame of Trivial Pursuit. Campbell and Nonna's team one, but that was just because Robby and Pops were giving them hints. Not that I am bitter or anything! Nonna then opened her presents and not too long afterwards, we headed home for the evening.

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