August 4, 2019

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  • We didn't have too long to lay in bed this morning because we had to make not just one but two monkey breads for my Sunday school class. Now, we knew that 3rd graders wouldn't properly appreciate the monkey bread, but it was cheaper than other options plus we knew that the Dennie kids do properly value monkey bread since it is our Christmas Day treat.
  • It was a good thing that I got out of bed since Robby had forgotten exactly how to make it. Everything was ready to go, but he thought that the gooey syrup went on afterwards. When the first pan was in the oven, we ran back to bed for just a few minutes. All too soon the timer was going off so the other monkey bread was put in the oven, and we started moving around pretty quickly.
  • Whitman had to put on two Sunday shirts today since he got tooth paste on his shirt. I can't really complain since he was actually brushing his teeth with toothpaste. As soon as the other pan of monkey bread was pulled out of the even we headed to the church house.
  • I missed big church today because I went with Campbell to her New Christian's Class. I have helped in there before, and the class is super great. Laurie does an awesome job-the try to Lord' supper cracker and juice, they see the baptistery, even go over a tithe chart plus so much more since they are in there for two hours.
  • We had our lunch at Grannymom's house. After we ate, Anderson and I played a game of Sequence. He couldn't find any one else to play with him and since that is one of my favorite games, I obliged. Most everyone went to Dana's house for a few minutes leaving Whitman and Reagan at Grannymom's with us.
  • As we were loading up into the car, Reagan joked to let her drive. Imagine her surprise, when Robby got out and said "okay." By this time she wasn't too sure about the whole thing. We convinced her to try and once she knew where the brake was, we were off. 
  • Whitman and I were buckled and holding hands in the back! She did really well for never having driven before. I don't even think that she has driven Robby's tractor. It took us a bit to get up the hill on Grannymom's street, and when we did get to the top there were lots of cars parked on the side so Robby didn't object when Reagan was done. 
  • When she climbed back in the car, Reagan's first words were "it got hot in here." Ha! I bet she was scared to death. After picking up the others, we drove on home and once we made it to our street, again Reagan became the driver. 
  • It took us a while to get home and down the long driveway. We made it, but when we stopped, Whitman shouted, "I thought we were going to die." Robby had made sure that the kids knew to hush it up in the back seat. We sure didn't need any backseat drivers!
  • Once at home, we unloaded and Robby and I worked on supper for this evening. He browned some meat while I worked in the kitchen. Then we decided that we had time for a nap-Robby looked at the clock and said that we only had time for a 12 minute nap. That was kind of sad, but we did lay really still and quiet for 12 minutes. 
  • Then we all loaded up for the Childrens and Preteen Open House at church tonight. The kids were seeing their new Sunday school rooms. During the meeting, Whitman asked if he could get another cookie. I let him leave to get one. When he came back, he had the awfullest look on his face. He had bitten into an oatmeal raisin cookie. He was disgusted that he grabbed the wrong thing and had to choke down the bite. (They were delicious.) Campbell did go and get him another one so all was well.
  • Afterwards, we headed to the pool. This was the first time in a long while that Reagan has actually swam. It was a bit warm, so I don't blame her for getting in the water. Now, Anderson and Graham don't always swim either, but tonight they had Cash with them so they were on cloud 9. The boys all played hard, maybe a bit too hard, but they had a blast.
  • We dropped off most people, but Graham, Campbell and Keaton went to the Wilson's house late this evening. We didn't stay for too long but long enough to visit for a little bit. We made it home at 10 just in time for the last 3 to take their showers and hop into bed. Tomorrow school starts at 8 (hopefully) and the kids will be doing 2/3 of their school work. Wish us luck!

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