August 6, 2019

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  • Another school day around here. Today was a bit wild since the original plan was to go to Third Realm at 11. The air conditioner man was supposed to come in the morning so the kids knew that if he didn't come at a decent time then we wouldn't be able to go.
  • By about 10, the kids were working well but I did tell them that we more than likely wouldn't be able to jump because the man wasn't at the house yet. I told Robby this and he said that we should plan to come, and he would text the man to give us a head's up. So then I told the kids that we would be able to go.
  • About 10:15, the air man did show up so as he was working, I told the kids that we probably wouldn't be able to go since the man was just getting started working. About 15 minutes later as I was writing the check for the worker, I did tell the kids to start getting ready because we were in fact going to jump. My little people had a hard time keeping up with if we were going or if we were not. 
  • They were all pleased though to be able to jump. It is really the favorite thing of the boys to do right now. I think that we will certainly miss it at the end of the month. However, I will be glad when this summer life settles down a little bit.
  • After jumping, we all had to come back home to finish school.  A few folks were done but waiting on me to work with them. I know that Keaton had finished working with me but still had a few things to do. So as we all ate our lunches, we went to town on school work.
  • I am not sure what happened because before I knew it, it was time to load up and leave again. Today was the first of the library's homeschool hour. I didn't know what to expect-there was just us and one other family. The kids all made pens with flowers attached to the top. They all enjoyed this-even Reagan who was sure that the class was too babyish for her. We will probably go again next week because why not!
  • Once we came home, Anderson and Whitman still had to finish up. Whitman had to read while Anderson had to fix his math with me. I then just had time for a shower before I left again. I really had a few more things to accomplish on my list today but there just aren't enough hours in the day. 
  • I had a homeschool meeting. I went to one class about homeschooling in high school. I didn't really hear any new information, but it was good to know that the info I have is accurate. At the general session, they did give out a prize to the person who was homeschooling the most kids-me! Ha! I even had to walk to the front to pick up my gift (a book). 
  • After we finished there, the other moms and I went to eat before running to Kroger for a few things before coming home.
  • Robby and the kids went to Jenna's birthday party. They were able to eat there and swim for a little bit. The kids all had fun swimming. They came home in time for showers and then eventually bed tonight. 
  • When I came in, I went upstairs to tell the kids good night. Whitman was already asleep, but the others were awake. When I went in the girls' room, I quickly asked where Reagan was. The girls laughed and reminded me that she was at a sleepover! Yes, I did remember her leaving but had completely forgotten. 

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