August 14, 2019

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  • This was our 11th day of school which I only know because Whitman has a chart that he is keeping up with. I am sure that all teachers are constantly tweaking things, but right now he has to do some work with a brother or sister each day. (Not Reagan because he does science with her and Keaton each day) This includes his chart, a calendar, reading, and some history. That at least is something that is working well. 
  • We did our work together, and things went smoothly. I am steadily reading through hundreds of library books with the kids. Not really hundreds, but I do have about 120ish checked out with 25 on hold to pick up next week. I just can not stop. I seriously have a library problem. I guess I really don't have a problem since my total fines are just 80 cents. 
  • After our working together, everyone started on their work. I will say that Graham knocks his out quickly every day. It takes Reagan a while to do hers but she has a ton of work. I did look and she has almost finished everything for tomorrow as well. Anderson is also doing pretty well at getting his things accomplished. He still has a tendency to get distracted (like Whitman).
  • At lunch time, I had almost finished working with everyone except for Anderson, Whitman and Campbell. We haven't gotten all back in the swing of things because we still aren't doing our normal lunch routine. Today, we had a working lunch and everyone finished up what they had left during lunch. It worked really well for me and the late finishers as well.
  • After lunch, there was a few minutes for chores. Then it was time for another round of reading aloud followed by a quick run on the treadmill for me. I don't have that many shows taped on the tv to watch while I am on the treadmill so I kind of get bored fairly quickly. One can just watch so much Rachel Ray.
  • We met some buddies at Third Realm. I had planned on skipping today but since someone asked us and the kids had already asked, so we loaded up and jumped for a little bit. The kids had fun-or at least the kids got hot and sweaty. 
  • Once we came home, we had about 25 minutes before we had to leave again for church. We had sandwiches for our supper which worked out well since no one really had sandwiches for lunch. 
  • Then it was the church for the first Wednesday night of the year. It will be interesting to see how things go-tonight was water night so it was lots of fun. I am working with the first graders so I have one set on Sunday mornings and another set on Wednesday nights. Whitman seems to do fine in the children's department. He is not overwhelmed at all. And Anderson, the only other one who has really a different schedule, said that he enjoyed their service tonight.
  • Once we came home, it was showers for all of the wet kids tonight (water night) and then a bit of downtime before bed. Church does get out earlier this year-7:15 instead of 7:30 and I could definitely feel those few extra minutes tonight. It was wonderful, but the kids were begging to stay longer becuase it was still light outside and they wanted to talk to their friends. Reagan even said that it was the only time for them to be social (I guess she forgot her trip to Third Realm today, and yesterday, the pool party yesterday, and library class and mainly she forgot that she can always be social becuase she has 5 brothers and sisters.) 

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