August 10, 2019

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  • I was sound asleep this morning as Robby was making and even eating his biscuits and gravy. We are still on a quest to empty our freezers and are doing a pretty good job of it. Now, the freezers are one thing, but we can't seem to stay out of Kroger, and the pantry keeps being refilled.
  • It didn't take too long for me to get ready, and off Robby and I went this morning to run to Kroger. I just love going Krogering-except when the sliced cheese is not on sale. I'm not buying full price sliced cheese! Don't take up any donations of sliced cheese for us just yet-I was able to buy some at Walmart this evening.
  • It was indeed the perfect day to crawl back in to bed, but there was lunch to work on when we came home. Plus even a card game or two for me to play with Graham and Campbell.
  • I headed off to a baby shower for a little bit, while Robby took the kids to Third Realm for a little bit of jumping. They had fun, but beat me home by a little bit. I ran to Kroger once again-after we came home from our first visit, we went through our receipts and found a few sales that we couldn't pass up.
  • Graham had a sleep over tonight at Chase's house. He was so excited to go. Graham hasn't gone to that many sleepovers. He forgot his sleeping bag and was a bit stressed about that. Robby assured him that it would be fine, and judging by the pictures that we saw, he is having a great time.
  • Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I ran to eat supper for a mystery shop. Reagan, Anderson and Whitman opted to stay here. I headed up chicken nuggets, mac and cheese (Anderson's choice) and mashed potatoes (Reagan's choice) for them. While we were gone, they had a few chores and a bit of reading to do.
  • Once we returned home, the Wilson's came over to help cap off the weekend with some ice cream. The kids started watching a movie but didn't have a change to finish because we had gotten a late start on our socializing tonight!

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