August 28, 2019

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  • Let's see, I really can't remember too much about this morning. We started the same as usual-grabbing breakfasts and reading in my room. Then it was off to do work. 
  • We were a bit rushed today so no one did their spelling with me, but even though I left around 11, I was still able to have most people finished up.
  • Reagan met Ms. Paige for lunch at ChickFilA. She was a bit nervous about doing this, but I told her that was really a neat opportuntity. While they were eating, I ran to Dairy Queen and then to Walmart. My goal was to get some mulch from Walmart, but had no luck! It may not be meant to be!
  • I didn't think that we would be home in time for our afternoon reading, but since we were I didn't let the opportunity pass us by. My goal is to finish two of our textbooks by February just leaving history to haul to Florida.
  • There were some chores and then it was time for everyone to leave. We loaded up for Third Realm-I bet you aren't surprise there. The kids jumped hard.
  • When it was over, we hurried home to grab some supper. Robby had made pizzas a few weeks ago so we thawed them out. They were great tonight for our quick supper.
  • Then it was on to church. I am in Whitman's class. Tonight everyone was able to say their Bible verse but then they all weren't able to say the days of creation. So we worked and worked on that next-they couldn't still really do it, but we counted it anyway! They are first graders, after all!
  • We stayed pretty late after church tonight. It was just us and 3 other families but we did all completely fill the playground. Reagan always wants us to stay late so she should have really enjoyed this evening.
  • We did stop at the store on the way home to buy some ice cream for our dessert. Even my Reagan who doesn't care of ice cream anymore ate a tiny bit of ice cream. Robby and I even had some tonight when the kids went to bed. In case you were wondering, he had cookies and cream and I had a coke float (my new favorite ice cream treat.) 

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