August 2, 2019

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  • One week down of school. We didn't kill each other and most work was done with excellence (not all though). I am bit worried what next week will bring since it is almost a full load. But I have the weekend not to think about that. 
  • Whitman did very well again today even though he was the last one finished. He is recovering well from his cold even though he still has a cough. 
  • School hasn't been without a few hiccups. Reagan did get one thing today so we just postponed it for Monday. Keaton and Whitman have one thing to do on their ipads, and they were acting up today. Hopefully, we will get everything sorted out before we have to leave for a trip.
  • Around 11, everyone was finished with school, and we all headed out. Robby took the kids to Third Realm to meet up with the Heltz while I took a meal to a friend whose son is in the hospital.
  • I met up with the jumpers, and when jumping was over I took the three littles to the pool for a little bit. We just stayed about 2 hours before heading home. The others had a few errands to run before they made it home-the most important errand to Graham was picking up a game for his xbox.
  • On my way home with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman we stopped by the library. I was walking around looking for books for Whitman when I looked up and spotted my library bag. It was completely filled and books were stacked up at least a foot taller than my bag. I kid you not! And I still had 20 books on hold to pick up at the front. I did make those girls put some books back. Campbell told me that she wanted to be a reader to which I replied that she would have to put her ipad down to be a reader.
  • It didn't seem like we were home long-just long enough for me to pull out next weeks school-when it was time to go again. Robby took the boys to basketball, and minutes after they left, I left with everyone else to run a few errands-Sams, Walmart and Target. 
  • Reagan found her some earrings while Keaton and Campbell were so excited when I let them buy a 50 cent notebook. And Whitman couldn't believe it when I let him buy an orange school box. We don't get many school supplies about here so it is the little things that make my people happy.
  • After picking up the boys, we came home and I started working on supper. It took a bit but we basically emptied the freezer for our supper. We are trying to clean out some of our food around here. I am also going to try go clean out some of our junk around here. Next week, my goal is to begin finding 200 things to get rid of. I can't wait!
  • It was after 9 when we finished supper. Whitman still had his shower to take-he is not scared to be in my bathroom/closet area by himself. He even will start crying before taking a shower. I stayed in my bedroom while he was in the shower so he was fine, but he still took a super short shower. I miss the days when he would take super long showers-I am sure that the water bill is pleased though.
  • Graham was sound asleep by the time that we made everyone go to bed tonight. He did wake briefly to tell us good night. I guess he has played hard today on his new game. Actually, Anderson and he ran hard tonight during basketball and came home a sweaty mess.
  • Well, we have created monsters. Reagan has said that she wants to redo her room, so in a moment of insanity Robby offered to paint the room. Though I am not sure who was more crazy since I said that we could do it before the end of the year. They are drawing pictures, making pinterest boards, and figuring out how much they can spend. I am afraid that these few moments of weakness will be expensive and lots of hard work for Robby and me.

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