Florida February: Our Trip by the Numbers

It was an awesome trip and the numbers don't lie:

36 days
35 nights
31 days at Disney
9 visits to Magic Kingdom
12 visits to Epcot
10 visits to Hollywood Studios
8 visits to Animal Kingdom
3 laundry detergents used
3 trips to the outlet
1 droid built
1 light saber built
2 trips to the Cheesecake Factory
6 times swimming
1 rocket launch viewed
1 first tooth lost
27 doughnuts bought
9 pairs of Minnie ears bought (4 were not ours)
1 day at the beach
4 ride on Rock N Roller Coaster (Whitman's first time)
10 things left on our list to do next time
4 church services at First Baptist Orlando
5 cases of water drank (Florida water is not good.)
10 foods from Epcot countries eaten
40 dollars in tolls
1 movie premiere
1 take out order of pizza
6 kids with colds at some point
19 Disney resorts visited

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