March 20, 2020

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  • Well, basically we did the same thing today that we did yesterday! Let me see what the few differences were-Reagan did not climb through the window during school today. In history, we are now reading about WWI. Campbell finished her spelling book, and Anderson also finished a logic book. And we did finish a bit earlier than usual so I went upstairs to work on Legos.
  • I was so happy when I finished the Legos because I thought that I had found all the pieces to finish our project. I was wrong-very wrong. I didn't realize that I should have found 4 of each piece that I did find. Later tonight I did help him finish those pieces so Lego set number 2 is completed for this week. I told him that as long as we are staying in we should try to finish one a week.
  • I did switch from my now usual sandwich at lunch and moved to yogurt and granola. While I ate, I worked on the puzzle. I seem to be the only one working on it right now-maybe we have overwhelmed the kids with a 1000 piece puzzle. 
  • This afternoon Reagan asked to drive. So we headed out around 4:30. We drove one way down the Lawson and then the other. When it was time to pull out on Lawson (left turn), Reagan decided that she didn't really want to drive home at all. I tried to encourage her, but she was more than happy to switch seats with me.
  • The kids have all gone outside at different times during the day. Being home is our normal, but they are a little bit more stir crazy. I did see Campbell on my computer today, and she said that she was looking up how many virus cases there were. I quickly told her to put that away, no one needs information overload.
  • The Wilsons did bring over their leftover supper. They didn't have many folks that liked it-it was like a patty melt that tasted like a Krystal's hamburger. It was decent, but just like Krystals it was full, and I mean full of onions! I did eat one for supper and then promptly went and brushed my teeth. 
  • The evening was kind of quite. We had leftover bbq and did find out that we are a more than one box of mac and cheese family. We probably should have already known that though. The girls made a package of cookies for our snack tonight. And other than that, we didn't really do much at all this evening!....well, once these kids go to bed or go to their fort (they have built a huge fort in the living room to sleep in tonight), I do play on getting me some ice cream!

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