March 17, 2020

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  • Again today Anderson was working on his work early. I was still in bed continually hitting snooze when he came in twice to hand me completed work. I do think that he is racing his brother to be the first one on the xbox each morning-I will happily take whatever it is that is causing him to finish in a more timely manner.
  • We did eventually get started on our school today. Whitman, who isn't really crazy about math, has started new math. He is now adding up two double digit numbers (33+25). He started this yesterday. The first problem was a word problem so I tried to write it and explain it for me. He quickly stopped me and said that he wanted to do it by himself. And sure enough the boy did some counting, worked on his fingers and managed to get the right answer. I was shocked! 
  • My Keaton is determined to finish her spelling book this week. That is fine so we are doing a lesson a day instead of our normal lesson a week. We are marking things off-I did make a list of every day to do history over the next few weeks and wrote out page numbers...I didn't account for this extra time at home, so maybe we can get a few extra pages read.
  • We had our lunches-I have started to sit down and eat myself a lunch lately. Usually, I skip lunch and just graze all afternoon long. I have decided that I really like ranch dressing-on my chips, on my sandwich and on pretty much everything!
  • The afternoon went by pretty quickly. There was lots of puzzle working-we finished two. Campbell and Keaton were the main puzzle workers today. Reagan does stop whenever she walked by to work some as well.
  • I worked in a closet some before Robby and I headed to the grocery store. Most things the store has, but there are still some things missing-I had to stop a worker and ask for the flour in his cart. No vinegar or biscuits-I guess people are cleaning and making breakfast. 
  • We then picked up supper at Slim Chickens. We have eaten there before and weren't crazy about it, but today was pretty good. It was a lot easier than making something at home with all of those new groceries that we bought!
  • We did buy 2 new puzzles at the store-one 500 pieces and one that is 1,000 pieces. The girls and I went to town on the smaller one. I would bet we would finish it tomorrow. After we eat, some folks played outside.
  • We did have a vicious game of Apples to Apples before watching some tv before bed. Tomorrow will really seem a bit different without having Bible study or church, but we will survive!

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