March 25, 2020

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  • I laid in bed a bit longer this morning thinking that Robby was still in bed beside me. When I did turn over, he was indeed gone. I guess work started their emailing early so he had to hurry out of the bed. 
  • He isn't off for this Spring Break week, but we sure are. The kids just have a little bit of their school work to do so things go swiftly and that leaves lots of time for fun things! Campbell has painted so much in the last few days that we have just about run out of paint.
  • We did finish our 1000 piece puzzle today. At one point I didn't think that it would get done. Reagan did it all but one piece which we could not find. I had already looked on the kitchen floor this afternoon while working on the puzzle and even looked inside of the puzzle box. 
  • Graham walked up later and found the missing piece on the bottom of the box. He was delighted to finish the puzzle though Reagan was not delighted at all that he is the one who got the praise for finishing it.
  • We did our reading time today around 11. It didn't take too long and we even watched a video about capitalism, socialism and communism. Interesting fact: socialism was began by Karl Marx who was trying to ease everyone into communism. Reagan did chime in that everything but capitalism seemed to be silly.
  • After lunch, the kids did work on their underwear drawers. They only had to organize them-this week we are starting the big clothes switcheroo. I will say that my big boys don't have any clothes stored away since they have less clothes and plenty of room in their drawers. Now, Whitman also has all of his clothes in his drawers.
  • Keaton is the one who has tons and tons of clothes in her drawers and in the attic-she is the reason that I drag my feet on the clothes switchover. Tomorrow and the next day it will be warm so it is nearing time for warm weather clothes-however, most of my people have been covered up with blankets today.
  • The kids spent some time today on the treadmill. Campbell likes to take her ipad out to the trampoline and talk to her friends. They have been getting good use out of the trampoline the last few days.
  • Supper tonight was on your own. I did make some tater tots to add to the leftovers in the fridge. While everyone was eating our Sunday school class had a practice class on the computer for next Sunday. The church choir had something on the computer that we watched tonight along with the children's pastor. It was kind of nice seeing some people that you know!
  • As usual, we played a few games before bedtime! Then it was finally a later bedtime than usual.

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