March 5, 2020

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  • Today was a fairly quiet day around here. We started our school work around 8:30. This was the first day that we did actually do our together work in the morning since being home. We read a little bit, said some verses and worked a few logic puzzles. 
  • Then was time for everyone to start on their school work. Graham, of course, had finished his school work well before I had gotten out of bed. I started working with everyone in the hallway today-Robby was in our room, the living room seemed cold and the school room was full of people. 
  • It took all morning long for me to finish working with everyone and checking all of the math. Anderson and Reagan both have math right now that is giving them fits, but I am loving it. It is math that I remember and enjoy. I am sure that they will get it quickly; hopefully tomorrow.
  • After we finished school, everyone had lunch. I pulled out school for tomorrow-I am not back in a routine of doing it each week so I have been doing this daily lately. It is no small job. 
  • I walked on the treadmill some before helping Keaton with a project. Then it was off to the store with Keaton and Campbell. We were out of pretty much everything so it is good to have a fullish pantry now...except none of that can really make a supper.
  • The kids all went outside to play when we came home. Everyone was outside for a bit while I did work on supper. It was burrito bowls and no surprise here, it wasn't a hit. I made a new recipe-I did like it except for the chicken. It did kill hunger, though I am sure that a few kiddos were starving tonight after barely eating any supper at all. Unfortunately, I don't have great kitchen skills and won't be passing that along to my girls!
  • The evening was fairly quiet. Graham watched basketball while I took a nap with Keaton-she didn't sleep but she was in my lap. At bedtime, Graham was trying his best to stay up way later so he could see more basketball. He will be able to watch it tomorrow so all will be well!

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