March 21, 2020

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  • Everyone who slept in the fort must have slept very good because there was very little stirring in the living room this morning. Eventually we did here a few people move around. Whitman even walked through our room to go and get his shirt-he has taken to sleeping without a shirt. We did grab him and throw him into our bed for a little bit.
  • We actually asked him where he wanted to go today. Robby said that if you could go anywhere today, where would you want to go. We were thinking that Whitman's response was going to be Sonic or Rock Creeks playground. We were wrong. The boy replied, "Well, before the Corona I would have said France."  Maybe we should turn the news off around here for a little bit!
  • This morning Robby and I didn't really do much of anything-there were of course dishes and laundry. I did pull out school for next week. I know that it is Spring Break week, but really, what else are we going to do. Everyone just has two different things to do each day, plus we will read our history and probably all of our Bible things (Bible chapter, devotional, verses and chapter we are memorizing.)
  • Reagan has always said that her friends do want to be homeschooled. Tonight though she was telling us that they have changed their mind and now do not want to be homeschooled! We tried to tell her to tell them that this is much more isolation than us homeschoolers even usually have!
  • This isolation has proved good for Reagan's driving practice. There were a few less people on the road today when she drove us to the church house-our church house! Then I drove to Sonic, and once we got back to Crystal Hill, she wanted to drive to the Wilson's (to drop off their Sonic) and then back home. We even had to back out of their drive way!
  • At home, I had a little nap before working on Legos with Anderson. Then I played a game of basketball with everyone but Reagan. Maybe because Anderson played, but things went incredibly smoothly. The boys smoked the girls even with Whitman on their team. The boys are so good trying to get their brother to improve and learn to love basketball like they do.
  • Afterwards, I ran inside with Campbell while Keaton was facetimeing one of her friends. Campbell and I made some flat bread-it was fun to make and not hard. However, it wasn't incredibly tasty! Though when we poured honey on it, it was pretty yummy. Anything with honey on it can't be that bad!
  • We also tried a new recipe tonight-chicken enchiladas. They were delicious, and the recipe was definitely a keeper. We worked on the puzzle quite a bit tonight, and it most certainly will be completed this week.
  • It is Saturday night so we did make all of the kids take a shower-we have to have some normalcy around here! 

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