March 22, 2020

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  • I will say that I was truly sad today not getting to go to church. I know that I may grumble and complain sometimes silently and sometimes not so silently about church and all of the responsibilities that go along with it. However, today just made me sad...
  • So we watched a few sermons-Geyer Springs, First Baptist Orlando, Brooklyn Tabernacle, Rock Creek, Louie Giglio and Tony Evans along with a concert by Michael W. Smith. (Who knows, we may even up watching another one too.) Robby and I pretty much have not left our chairs in the living room all day long. 
  • The kids all watched our church with us, but then we did release them to do whatever they would like. They would all pop back in the living room occasionally to watch some tv with us. I will say that once I walked back in the room and Whitman was singing along even though he has accused us often of "hogging the tv."
  • Nonna offered lunch at her house, but they ended up delivering it to our door. It was pretty nice having a hot meal delivered to the door. We could really get used to that. They didn't stay long so we fixed our plates and watched Dave preach. Side note: sermons seem shorter when you are eating!
  • Campbell and Keaton both spent time painting and writing cards for us to mail to a few church shut ins. Whitman also painted. There was lots of Minecrafting going on in this house-they even purchased some Minecraft thing.
  • Keaton and Campbell were also able to Facetime their friends while Robby and I Zoomed our friends. Reagan worked on her room a little bit-she took down some of her pictures and straightened her shelves. She was actually the most productive off all of the Dennies today.
  • We had our supper of leftovers tonight. Afterwards, Whitman did have a shower tonight-since his hair is now so long, one of us have to wash it for him. I am ready to cut it, but our clippers are fairly dull right now (we need new ones.)
  • I figure people will soon be asking for a snack before bed! Then it will shortly be the kids bedtime...and maybe ice cream for me!

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