March 28, 2020

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  • Robby and I stayed up incredible late last night watching a silly tv show, so I did sleep a bit later this morning. Well, I slept until Whitman came in my room around 8:30. He doesn't like to go in the living room if his brothers are not already up. He joined me in bed and soon asked to watch cake videos so we did that for a while before getting up for the day.
  • There were dishes and laundry to do this morning. I did work on everyone's school for next week-I get so excited about us finishing off things on our list. 
  • The Wilsons brought by doughnuts this morning. Graham has been asking for doughnuts every single day. Robby told him that we would get them on our fourth Saturday stuck at home. Now we can wait another two weeks until we have to buy those doughnuts!
  • It was a fairly lazy day around here. Keaton, Campbell and Whitman jumped on the trampoline this morning when it started to rain. They were soaked when they came in, but they had a blast.
  • Most of Robby's day was spent working on straightening his office/pantry. I had already straightened the pantry part of his office earlier this week. 
  • I spent some time on my school room closet. I am just trying to do a little section ever day so I am not overwhelmed. I guess that we inspired Keaton because she told me that she would clean her desk if I would help-I sure didn't turn down that offer.
  • Some people ate lunch around noon while others ate around 2 since some were up early and some were not. This made it seem like we were constantly fixing lunch or talking about what there was to eat today.
  • Robby left to get us pizza for our supper tonight. We had talked about my car a few times-needing to start it-since we haven't used it in 2 weeks. And of course, he had to work pretty hard to start it. He eventually got it working and headed off to get our supper.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan and I went out driving. It was raining pretty well so we drove ever so slowly to the big church and back home. I mean, really, can she ever get enough practice? And I feel the need that she must get all of the practice she can before Anderson is 14 which is just in 9 months and then shortly afterwards, Graham will be the one needing the practice. And now I need a bag to breathe in! Deep breaths! Deep breaths!
  • Our pizza was delicious-especially the dessert pizza. After we ate, most everyone went back out to the trampoline and yes, it is has rained and rained today. So they all came in soaking again. By the end of this little quarantine they are going to have beet a pretty good path to the trampoline and back!
  • We did wish Layne a Happy 18th Birthday tonight and briefly saw the Wilsons. I did snag a puzzle from their house so maybe we will start that this week as well. I am currently on a zoom call with some of my people-technology is pretty amazing. 

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