March 27, 2020

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  • The first thing that Whitman does every morning lately is tear off one of his birthday countdown chains. The boy is highly anticipating his birthday. We will do our best to make it spectacular around here, but that is a little hard with no birthday party to look forward to. We don't usually buy birthday presents for the kids, but there is one in the attic for him so that will be exciting.
  • I guess that Whitman did drink a lot less water last night, so that was good for him and for my laundry. We were able to grab him and have him lay in bed with us for a little bit. Once he left, I started on my VBS workers. I'm still striking out, but if I read too many news articles then I start to think that we may not even have VBS.
  • Graham and Anderson were up early too this morning. They both played on the xbox before starting on their school work. I am afraid that the kids are not going to be happy with next week's work-a whole 5 days of school work. Yikes!
  • Campbell and Keaton also must have set their alarm to wake up early this morning since they were up way too early. We have tried to encourage everyone to sleep in a little bit, but no one seems to understand. Hopefully tomorrow someone (me!) will be able to sleep in.
  • Before we started on our together reading, Graham made French toast. He has been wanting to make it for a few days now, and today was the day. We just used sandwich bread and most everyone did like it. Graham said that he would make it again. I am not a soggy bread fan so I was not impressed. 
  • We did our together work and then started on chores. Today's clothes project included all of the girls pants drawers-I helped Keaton. Anderson and Graham had to work on their shirt drawers. They "did" it themselves, but then we had to do it again so it was done right. We also worked on their closet as well. 
  • After lunch, I also went through 2 bins of clothes to take to someone else. Usually when I deliver clothes to someone, they are just thrown in a bag. However, in the middle of this quarantine, I have plenty of time-so the clothes were folded neatly and organized in the box.
  • Reagan drove us down the road to drop off the clothes. My Campbell, Keaton and Graham are always up for a ride. We just went there and then came right back home. Campbell had a Zoom call with her friends so she was anxious to get home. 
  • The girls, well everyone, has spent a good deal of time outside. They are using the trampoline pretty constantly today. I even ended up on it for a little bit this afternoon. Anderson and I worked on some Legos today as well. We started on set earlier this week but were missing pieces. So we set that one aside and started another to find more missing pieces so we are now on our third set. So far, it is coming along nicely though.
  • For supper we just heated up most everything we found from the freezer outside. Robby and I defrosted it today so we found lots of goodies-tater tots, chicken nuggets, french fries, fruit. Once supper was over, Keaton and Robby worked on making cookies for dessert. They were pretty delicious chocolate chip cookies.
  • While they baked Whitman took at least a 30 minute shower. We actually forgot about him in there! He was good and pruney when he joined us to play a board game. Once that was over, we ate the warm cookies and watched a game show before bed!

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