March 15, 2020

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  • What strange times that we live in. We went to bed packed and thinking that we would leave for our trip after lunch. By the time that we woke up, our trip had been cancelled. There was just a bit too much uneasiness about everything that we opted to delay. 
  • My people all took it well-probably better than Robby and I. They have already had quite a few things cancelled, but this was the first thing we were super looking forward to. Anderson did say that it was pretty disappointing since we were packed already.
  • Indeed it was, but we probably made the right decision. It sounds like more and more restaurants are closing, at least one state has closed their state parks and another announcement is coming tomorrow on possibly more restrictions. However, Utah is still high on our list so don't be surprised if we sneak off there sooner rather than later.
  • Surprisingly, it takes no time at all to completely unpack the car. I was a bit shocked by this fact. The kids put up their bags, and most of the rest of our packing involved putting up food. I folded quite a bit of laundry this morning, and soon afterwards it was time to head to Grannymom's house for lunch.
  • Grannymom had brisket and lots of sides. Lunch was delicious and so was her dessert-chocolate pie. After eating, the boys went to Cash's house to play basketball. Campbell and Keaton also went there to play with their dogs. We let them play for a while before heading to pick them up.
  • Even though it doesn't feel like a Sunday right now, we still had our afternoon naps. I say naps because I napped, got up to peel an apple and then finished my nap. Once that was over, I worked on school for next week which has been a process.
  • Last Thursday, I pulled out school for this week thinking it would be a regular week. When we then suddenly planned the trip, I planned again for the kids to have a lighter week of school. Now, we are back to today. Since it now looks like things will be cancelled for a bit longer, Robby kidded that maybe we should just work really hard and move the kids up a grade over the break. However, this next week we are pretty much doing a normal schedule with a few things left out plus adding a few things to finish off.
  • This evening we had a light supper-sandwiches. Then Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I played Sorry. Next, Keaton, Whitman, Graham and I played The Game of Life. And that game lasted forever it seemed! We did end the evening though with a few tv shows before heading to bed!...well, the kids headed to bed and I plan on eating some ice cream!

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