March 4, 2020

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  • Today was our first day back at Bible Study, and I almost decided that we were going to skip one more week before I was able to get out the door. Bless, it was tough this morning! The boys were all awake, but the girls were slow to get out of bed.
  • Then, and this happens every week, I some how loose about 20 minutes-I'm not sure what happens. I look at the clock once and have plenty of time. Then I look again, and I am about to be late. 
  • We had to pack our lunches which wasn't that hard since the pantry and fridge are empty here. I know that we need to go to the grocery store, but I think that we are trying to just wait and see really how long we can last. 
  • The kids teachers were all super excited to see them today. They hugged them like they had not seen them in weeks-those Bible study teachers are just some of the best. The kids were happy to be back with their buddies. 
  • And everyone was happy that we went to the park after class. The kids played and played the entire time. We eventually had to leave because Reagan had an orthodontist appointment. Sara and Candice were generous enough to take my crew home so they all didn't have to go to the ortho with Reagan.
  • Reagan just has to come one more time to the orthodontist, and then she should be officially graduated. She will still have to wear her retainer, but she will not have to come back for check ups. That will happen about the same time that some other Dennie kid has to start their braces business I am sure.
  • After the orthodontist, Reagan did her best to try to convince me to take her somewhere, but I held strong though I really wanted a hot chocolate from somewhere-I have just been so cold today. The afternoon was kind of slow around here-maybe because it was so short
  • We had to leave at 4:30ish to make it to the library and to church in time. We ate there tonight-meatloaf. The kids weren't huge fans, but Robby and I really liked it. Our class was fine tonight-it actually seemed short.
  • Then we ended our evening at the Wilson's house. Tony had bought dessert, so we gobbled it up as we all told stories of our travels. They have been gone as much as us lately so everyone was glad to be back together.

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