March 24, 2020

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  • Tuesday morning and it sure was foggy when I finally climbed out of bed. I started on the laundry and soon moved to the dishes. Whitman had gotten his sheets wet, so that was also one of my first chores. I told Robby that I dreaded walking up the stairs to take his sheets off-maybe I need to go up and down those stairs more often during the day!
  • Whitman started on his school this morning. He had to do it on my computer so he laid in bed with Robby while doing school. I think that they both enjoyed that. Whitman is for sure loving his Spring Break School that is happening-all on the computer or ipad.
  • We soon started to work on our together work. Today's reading was about the trench warfare during WWI. It is nice to have uplifting reading during troubling times-kidding. The kids enjoyed today's history reading, and it was actually fairly interesting.
  • We then worked on our lunches-Anderson made eggs in the hole for his lunch while Graham made himself a sausage and egg bagel. My boys are all into cooking their eggs. Campbell even made lunch for Keaton and Whitman-we were out of bread so the grilled cheese on hamburger buns caused some concerns but everyone did eat them up.
  • Around 1, we all started on our chores for the day. This is Tuesday-house cleaning day. Today we divided out all of the chores at the beginning so things did go a bit smoother. I spent most of the time in my shower trying to clean it. It is at least better than when I started, but it is not yet perfect. Speaking of not perfect, I also scrubbed down the front of my kitchen cabinets. They are also better, but not yet perfect or anywhere near. I did get the Corona off of them! 
  • The afternoon was pretty slow-so slow that I even snuck upstairs to take a nap. I wasn't asleep for too long because people kept asking me if I would play a game of basketball. I finally consented and played a very vicious game of basketball. It is interesting that when Robby was playing, everyone was happy and joyful-today, there was pushing and shoving and fussing and griping. So there will be no basketball for me tomorrow-does that mean that I have to get on the treadmill?
  • Robby and I did brave the virus and go to the store tonight. There were about the same amount of people out on the roads, but the store was definitely quieter-they even had bread. We did our shopping and even picked up some pizza on the way home. 
  • Once at home, we all ate before video chatting with the Wilsons. Afterwards, I played a game, Cranium, with the kids. The game is pretty old-before Reagan-so some things were pretty hard for the crew. We made some adjustments and everyone had a good time. Anderson even joined in with us. After the game, there were just a few minutes of downtime before it was finally bedtime for the crew.
  • I have a lot of things on my Corona list to get to around here-mostly things to do with the kids (wii tournament, art projects, etc.) and a few house things (closet cleaning, clothes switchover, etc.) but I am sure not getting any of that stuff accomplished yet. 

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