March 14, 2020

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  • Well, Robby and I were so tired when we went to bed that we both slept super well. We went to bed way later than planned because those silly kids upstairs were so wound up. Robby did sleep on the couch-I guess this was the first time in our marriage that he even started out on the couch.
  • Whitman had Robby's spot in the bed. He was so pleased with himself. Now the boy is a little heater and continually would move closer to me during the night. I hope that he doesn't expect to sleep in my bed more often because that is not going to happen. 
  • We slept in a tiny bit this morning. All of the kids were awake early except for Whitman. Robby and I were soon in the garage and mudroom packing up. I usually pack slowly and tediously over a week. However today, I did all of the slow and tedious packing in 4 hours-it wasn't slow at all, and I was throwing things into boxes like a mad woman.
  • Pops and Nonna came over for a bit. They brought some cookies for the kids on the trip. I had to immediately put the cookies in a bin or the kids would have tried to eat them. I have some kids ready to go on the trip, yet others who are not that anxious at all. I will say that this has been sprung on them plus they aren't even really sure about where we are going. Usually on road trips, we have talked about and read about every stop before leaving so this is all unknown to them. I do have the atlas out so tomorrow we can discuss the plans better.
  • Robby and I did run to the grocery store for some trip food. It was a bit like shopping the day before Thanksgiving. They were completely out of toilet paper (we didn't need any). They were also out of hot dog buns so we didn't buy hot dogs, but other than that the low stock didn't really effect us. 
  • We ran to pick up pizza on the way home for the kids, then we may or may not have ran into the bakery right next door. Then we may or may not have split an absolutely delicious cinnamon roll on the way home. I did decide that when I grow up, I might want to work at that bakery-just long enough to learn all of their recipes!
  • Back at home, the kids all had to pack. They can all do it themselves (except Whitman). I just have to see what they have pulled out and give it the okay. I also prefer to help them fold since they aren't great at that at all. 
  • Soon we loaded up with our lasagna, bread and ooey gooey and went to the Wilson's house. Shannon had some spaghetti and salad so we fed the crew. Then we worked on the puzzle some. Layne, Reagan, Brett and I think Campbell worked on the puzzle most of the night long. It is a huge one, but they made some good progress tonight.
  • We stayed out too late but had lots of fun. When we came home, a few people had showers, but everyone headed to bed. Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day!

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