March 7, 2020

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  • I will say that this is a pretty perfect Saturday. Especially since we were still being lazy around 10 this morning. Actually, we were pretty lazy most of the day long.
  • I did do some laundry and dishes, but other than that the only things that I did today were not housework. Now, I did pull out the rest of school for next week. Plus I found at least 10 more things to get rid of. If you remember, I am trying to get rid of 500 things and only have about 450 more to do!
  • I worked on my National Park stickers which I rarely get a chance to do. There was also some puzzle working with Anderson. I will tell you that that puzzle is going to be nearly impossible. I will try my best, but I would have better chance of turning it over and working it. The puzzle is made up of tiny pictures on each piece. These pictures are so small that I can't even tell what they are.
  • Whitman worked on his bike riding with Campbell and Keaton, and Reagan worked on her driving. Ugh, one baby learning to ride a bike and one learning to drive! She drove to Alyssa's house where she is spending the night. She did pretty well for not driving in over a month while we were on our trip.
  • We watched the Hogs lose again today. I don't seem to watch the basketball games often, but when I do it seems that they lose this year. Maybe I am bad luck and should have just taken a nap!
  • After the game, we loaded up to run to the store one more time-cookies were on sale and they are my trip cookies so we need plenty-you never know when another trip may pop up. Then we picked up pizza.
  • Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the most entertaining part of the day. Well, when I say entertaining-we could have laughed or we could have cried-so I chose to laugh and laugh. I walked by the school room just in time to see Whitman lift up the slime that he was playing with and put it on his head. I could tell that he was struggling to pull it out of his hair when I started laughing. Hearing him call, "Mom, Mom, I need a little help here?" sent my over the edge.
  • Nope, slime does not come out of hair easily-except with vinegar. I quickly put him on the kitchen sink and doused him with vinegar. All was soon well, but I am sure that he won't soon forget not to put slime in his hair! 

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