March 3, 2020

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  • We are still doing our "trip school" around here. Trip school consists of most of their important things, but not quite everything. This shortened version of school is usually finished fairly quick by everyone, so I am not looking forward to adding more things back into the mix. 
  • I intended to start school around 8:30, but instead I ended up working on Anderson's pins about that time. Then once I did get school started, I forgot to get Reagan up so that did put her a little bit behind.
  • At 11:30, we did work together which we have been neglecting. That just means that we will be reading history well into the summer. Our history this year is just tough-I am all for women's suffrage and all (even exercised that right today), but reading 5 pages about it is just too, too much for anyone!
  • After we finished our work together, we worked on chores. I have decided that I want to start doing all of our major chores on one day of the week that way we will have everything clean for a while. Otherwise, we clean something and have other things dirty until the next few days and by then the things cleaned first aren't clean anymore. I do need to get back to a better chore list-this coming back to reality thing is just pretty tough!
  • When the chores were done, the kids ate their lunch. I sat down and had an apple with cheese and peanut butter. It was delicious, but we are out of apples. We haven't been to the grocery store yet, and I guess that we are trying to see how long we can go without buying food. 
  • Anderson did finish putting all of his pins in the album. And under some moment of weakness, I did say that I would work a puzzle with him. I enjoy puzzles, but not huge dark Star Wars puzzles! Yikes, hopefully we can finish it by 2021.
  • I left with a few kids this afternoon to run by Grannymom's house to pick up something Reagan ordered. When I left I told Robby that Keaton and Reagan were going with me. By the time I pulled out of the garage, I text Robby to tell him that Graham and Campbell were also with me. Much later, Robby wrote saying that he had been looking for Graham and Campbell before he saw my text. He almost had Anderson ride down the road on his bike to look for them. I told them that it was a good thing that I had not wrote Robby that we were stuck in a ditch somewhere!
  • The kids had soccer tryouts tonight. They enjoy running through the stations, but even more than that they enjoy running around while Robby is finishing helping with the tryouts. Reagan helped man a table the entire time. 
  • When tryouts were over, I ran by Nonna's house to pick up some things while Robby's car ran to get pizza. Then we met back up to vote quickly before eating our pizza at home.
  • Everyone had showers tonight. After my shower, I played a few rounds of Nertz with the kids and they even stayed up a bit later that we probably should have so we could finish our games.

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