March 29, 2020

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  • Sunday morning here and just like usual we were scurrying around trying to get ourselves to church on time. Thankfully, we just had to get everyone to the living room. I did have my shower and was able to throw the laundry out of the dryer so I could fold and worship.
  • Church was good this morning. Then afterwards, our adult Sunday school class had their lesson on the computer. That was fun getting to see their faces. We usually just see 1st graders at church so seeing adults is a nice change.
  • Then we went to Grannymom's house for lunch. She had lunch fixed for us and Dana and her crew. We also did some celebrating for Whitman's 7th birthday. He is getting ready to celebrate pretty big this week!
  • He was even able to open a few presents-once was more pieces to his marble track so he was thrilled about that. Plus a set of crocs to wear like all of his brothers and sisters along with some cash to spend later.
  • We didn't stay too long at all and afterwards Robby ran into the grocery store to grab a few things. The main necessity was Tums! We were out-ha! I think that we have been eating too many peanut butter M&Ms around here. I plan to get on the treadmill tomorrow so that will help too. (And you know how my "planning" so often goes-it doesn't get done!)
  • We came home to start our sermon watching. Yes, it is Sunday so of course I did have a nap. I am not sure how many sermons that I missed while snoozing, but I do think that Robby watched at least 4 today. First Baptist Orlando and Tony Evans were both tied for the best ones today. They did both preach about worry so that might possibly by why they were both my favorites. 
  • All of the kids did spend most of the afternoon/evening outside playing with the neighbors. It is hard to know what to do-go see people, go to the store, play with the neighbors. We certainly don't want to get anyone sick but certainly don't want to live in fear at all. 
  • This evening we all had left overs for supper. Then it was time for our life group to get together. We enjoyed seeing everyone and feel like we can start our week with our people tanks full!

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