March 9, 2020

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  • I never really wake up in the middle of the night, and last night I did. I was a bit shocked because since it was the night after time change, I was supposed to be more tired, not unable to go back to sleep. I even decided that if I couldn't go to sleep by a certain time, I would get on the treadmill. There was no cause for alarm though because I was soon back asleep.
  • I did hit snooze long enough that we started at 8:30 today. Imagine my surprise when I went to wake everyone up, and they were all still sleeping. Now, this bothered Graham though. He loves to wake up early, do his school and still have time to play on his ipad before the day really gets started. This morning he was still having to do school with everyone else!
  • School was fine-I did realize that we still have of our history text book to finish. Ugh! Double ugh! I might try to kick it up into high gear, but I just don't know if I have it in me. We might just have to continue it next year-double ugh! Maybe I need a schedule-that is what I need!
  • School was fairly uneventful today. Whitman seemed to be "on" and was able to finish at a decent time. He is so funny as he shouts, "I'm done with school," every time that he finishes his daily school work. The day would be more entertaining if everyone else would shout that as well.
  • I did some quick packing-some folks are taking a trip later this week. And no, no one is having to go to boarding school. Anderson and I also worked a puzzle but it is nowhere near as fun as the Wilsons' puzzle. For instance, we worked for 10 minutes and found 2 pieces. That isn't fun at all!
  • At 2, I headed to the church house for a Comm Central meeting. Reagan will be taking classes there next year-I'm relieved about that since high school English and science aren't my things. It will be pricey, but will take a load off of my plate, and she is thrilled about it.
  • When I came home, I did some treamilling and some croc shoe cleaning. The girls all have white crocs so it was definitely time to clean those babies. I made a difference for sure, but they are pearly white still.
  • Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton spent a good deal of the afternoon outside despite the rain. They played basketball and came in so wet that Robby made them take a shower and put on dry clothes.
  • Robby made Chinese for supper with the help of Trader's Joes. After supper, Reagan did some driving around the street. The roads were wet so I told her no, but she insisted, correctly, that she did need to learn to drive in all types of weather. We didn't go far but hopefully she did gain some confidence.
  • Then we played some Monopoly-Graham, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and me. It was pretty entertaining-Whitman takes what seems like forever to determine how many he rolled. The others would say it for him and he would get upset at them. Finally, they did back off a bit and let him figure it out. 
  • We played for a while and once the game was paused, the girls and Robby made popcorn-butter and kettle. After eating the kids still had some downtime before it was finally bedtime.

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