March 16, 2020

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  • Whelp, we heard those dreaded words last night-a kid was sick. Campbell did come down to tell us that Keaton was sick. I believe that she worded her message like this, "Reagan says it's my turn to tell you that Keaton threw up."  I guess neither one of Keaton's sisters are too sympathetic. 
  • However, Anderson is. When he saw the blanket in our room this morning and asked. He did say that he hated that for Keaton. Even though Keaton was sick last night, she went right to sleep in our room and didn't have any trouble for the rest of the night. 
  • When I did go upstairs this morning to wake everyone up, the boys were all playing the xbox. I told them that we were going to all work together in 10 minutes. Graham told me that he had finished his school, and Anderson added that he had also finished his. I was completely shocked? 
  • I sure don't want to discourage him from doing his work early, but gracious me! He has the next 8 weeks before we leave the house again! School did go very well today. I am looking so forward to more and more things being off of our list. Now I have to decide since next week is officially spring break, do we still do school since we are here with nothing fun to do?
  • Though we have had some fun today-Reagan and I went out driving. We went just down the road to the big church, but she did well. Anderson and I re-worked a messed up Lego set. Campbell and I worked on a puzzle and almost finished it. Graham, Campbell, Keaton, even Whitman and I played a bit of basketball outside. So everyone has had some quality time....and I'm exhausted!
  • Robby did his normal work today. I did hang out upstairs with him for awhile this evening. We did eventually come down to work on supper. We are on operation clean out the deep freeze. It needs to be defrosted, but we are going to try to eat through it first. Though maybe we need to go to the store and fill it up because of all this craziness. 
  • We had bbq that we had bought for the trip along with corn on the cob and cookies both from the freezer. I pulled out strawberries too but we decided to save them for waffles which will be soon. 
  • The Wilson's did break the advice of the CDC and come over tonight. They had to use the printer for a bit. No worries though we lysoled when they left! We did eat our cookies and I quickly typed out the blog before it was bedtime. Now, last night I didn't get my ice cream, but today I plan on eating some!

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