March 2, 2020

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  • The priority this morning was calling the doctor at exactly 8:00. I called and since I didn't want to leave a message, I had to call and call again. I did get an appointment for Whitman at 9:10 so that was pretty perfect.
  • Whitman was already up this morning playing on his ipad, but after I got the appointment he laid down in our bed until it was time to go. On the car ride to the doctor, he ate a bit of a grilled cheese and laid down the rest of the time.
  • It was pretty pitiful, and Martin said that his ear looked pretty pitiful as well. We were in and out at the doctor's office, and really we only had to wait a little bit at the pharmacy. Soon we were home giving Whitman his first dose of meds.
  • I didn't wear my watch today so I don't really know how many steps I took. I will say that I didn't sit down long-the laundry is done, the dishes are clean, the bags are unpacked (still haven't gotten to mine), school is done and even ready for tomorrow.
  • The longest activity of the day was helping everyone with their Disney pins. We can't just leave them in ziplock baggies. Anderson has at least 200 pins (not exaggerating in the least). He bought a collector book to put them in so that was a bit of work. I can only say that we have a lot of pins!
  • There were also transportation cards to organize along with cards from each country in Epcot. So many things to organize and put away after a trip. Late this afternoon, the neighbors came out. They haven't been around in a long while so all of the kids were super excited to go out and play.
  • Of course the boys couldn't play that long because they had Trail Life tonight. We did let Whitman stay home since he has still be a bit puny-not just seconds ago though he was doing the floss dance while watching his show. 
  • Once the boys left, the neighbors weren't out too much longer since the sun was going down. My girls came in to eat supper. We made chicken nachos and cinnamon toast for suppers. Then we pretty much vegged out until the boys come home.

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