March 30, 2020

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  • After getting up this morning, I went to wake up all of the kids. Whitman was once again in Graham's bed snoozing away. Anderson and Reagan were also asleep, but everyone else was awake and working on school. Campbell and Keaton had mostly finished the night before so they were lacking in things to do during the day.
  • We did our together work before starting on everyone's else work. Graham was the first to work with me. Then I moved on through the line not finishing until nearly noon with Whitman. Earlier this year, he was struggling with math. Now, he is adding big numbers like 104 and 253. 
  • I spent some time on the new puzzle today-maybe a bit too much time. I was able to go through some bins with Keaton and organize the boys' closet. I should have had them help since I will make the girls help when I do theirs. However, the boys don't care at all what I keep or throw away or what I put where so I just did it quickly myself. I also worked on my school room closet-maybe I will accomplish one whole task by the end of the week and not just pieces of different tasks.
  • We did watch the next episode of a local meteorologist's weather school. It was interesting, but it did mean that we didn't read history. Eeek! We have about half the book left! But it looks like we will have plenty of time to read it in the upcoming weeks or even months!
  • I did do something that I never thought I would have to do-deliver toilet paper to a friend. She was done to one roll and with two little bittys she doesn't have time to traipse all over town looking for some. So Reagan drove some of the way and I drove the rest to drop it off.
  • Later in the afternoon we left again to take Keaton's little friend her birthday gift. She was happy to see Keaton, and they gave each other an air hug! Then we picked up our supper at ChickFilA on the way home. 
  • My favorite part of the day today was during supper. Robby and Whitman were the last ones in the kitchen. Robby was asking what he would like to do when he grew up. After debating between an artist and a singer, Whitman then thought that he might like to do "nothing" when he grows up. He then immediately looked at Robby and continued with, "like Dad's, what type of job do you have?" I guess he thinks that Robby does nothing during the day.
  • The evening was pretty relaxing. I did play a few rounds of pick up sticks with some folks. Then Keaton held the tv remote for most of the evening and watched a few decorating shows before bedtime.

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