March 23, 2020

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  • Today was Monday morning of Spring Break and as I predicted last night, I was indeed the most productive today. I worked with Graham pretty early along with folding laundry, working on my Bible Study and texting people to find VBS workers. 
  • The kids all had a tiny bit of school to do today. It didn't take long at all and by 11, we were all working together. After we did our reading, I worked on a few other things around the house-including my desk. I rarely, if ever, sit at my desk, but people are sitting there pretty much constantly-so it is always trashed even though it really isn't by my doing. It is all clean right now so that does make me happy!
  • Everyone at lunch and afterwards, Reagan and I went out to drive for a little bit. She is now paranoid about staying in between the lines so we kind of bouncy from one side to the other. Also she needs to work on turning just in her lane-though she is really doing very good. I would trust her to drive the Heltz or Wilsons by herself-it would take her a while, but she could get there. 
  • Then Anderson and I worked on Legos some. Now Legos are not usually hard to do, but when you have to search through what seems like thousands of other pieces for each piece, then it does take a while. Today though we looked through every single Lego and could not find the piece we needed. We did email Lego and they are going to send it to us so in the meantime we had to pick set to work on.
  • The next activity was a family basketball game. Reagan and Whitman joined near the end, but were still valuable to their teams. One more than other-Reagan scored the winning shot for her team. The neighbors were probably very concerned about all of our yelling after her point!
  • We then came in for a little bit before supper. Campbell and Keaton busy chatting with their friends. Robby and I were hungry from our basketball game, so we made pancakes for everyone's supper. Well, Robby did the making and I did the helping!
  • After supper, the crew wound down and started doing their own things for a little bit. We did finally get around to Keaton's game tonight-Pictionary Air.

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