March 18, 2020

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  • This was indeed a bit of a different Wednesday. I always hope that we have snow days so our Bible study in cancelled, but today I would have probably paid money to go! I will say that even though our lives always seem like we are social distancing, this is getting old.
  • It may be getting old, but we aren't bored around here. We have so many things on our list to do that we can't even finish them all. Now, I may have been stalling a bit on getting on the treadmill but it hasn't happened yet this week. Maybe next week.
  • We started on our school work. I just seemed to be slammed this week while working with the kids. I am not finishing until well after noon. I am going to hurry it up a little bit over the next few days!
  • After lunch, we did gather and watch a Louie Giglio video. After that, it was free time for the people. I did work on our puzzle some and tried to work on Legos with Anderson but we didn't have much luck. 
  • Campbell and Keaton did take everyone's drink orders. That kept them busy for a little bit. As supper was baking in the oven, we did send everyone outside to play for a little bit. They were eager to come in or they were eager to eat!
  • After eating, we started on the shower drill. Then it was time to make cookies and play a game. Robby and I did sneak away for an outside walk and practiced social distancing while visiting with friends down the street as we walked a couple of minutes.
  • Last night Robby told me that my blog was starting to get a bit boring. And after reading the blog tonight, sorry, it is a bit boring. I will try to spice it up some more tomorrow!

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