March 8, 2020

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  •  It wasn't hard to find the kids this morning-Reagan was gone, Campbell and Keaton were in Campbell's bed, Anderson was all alone in his bed and Whitman was in Graham's bed. It did make it nice not to have to traipse to 6 different beds to wake people up.
  • And wake people up, I had to do. Everyone was still sleeping. Robby would have overslept despite his two alarms. I do believe that my multiple alarms and the multiple times that I hit snooze is what finally woke him up.
  • Despite the time change, I still had time to crimp Campbell's hair. That is all the rage at this house right now. I have started refusing to do their hair unless we are actually going to leave the house and see real people. 
  • It was good to be back at church. It was pretty much as we had left it, and not much new seemed to be happening. Our little class was down a bit so that made things easier. After church, we loaded up and went to Nonna's house for supper.
  • Pops had made tenderloin which is the kids' favorite-mine too. We ate quite a bit of it and then devoured some of Nonna's ice cream. She had about 6 different cartons to choose from. Anderson and Jason worked a Lego thing and Whitman built a fort while Robby and Reagan snoozed for a bit. 
  • Once at home, there was a lot more snoozing once we made it home. Robby and I had our naps while Reagan made brownies for life group. We might need a few more baking lessons-like putting the bowl in the dishwasher and turning off the oven. 
  • Soon I was taking chef Reagan, Anderson, Kennedy and Alyssa to life group. They really enjoy their life group-it is lots of people and lots of fun. We went to our own life group at the Wilson's house-ha! It isn't a life group, but pretty much the same thing-we ate and chatted.
  • They had a puzzle out that we worked on some. Tony made beignets which were pretty good. We have a trip to the Masters coming up so we made some plans for it-basically our plans consisted of eating!
  • We did eventually come home since tomorrow is Monday, and we needed plenty of time to prepare for the rest of the week. Monday's are just no fun! Though surely we can manage to squeeze some fun in tomorrow some how!

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