March 10, 2020

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  • School went pretty well today. Graham, Campbell and Keaton were the ones who had all finished their school work before the day had even started. I do find it funny that the kids who can speed through their school work are the ones who do it early. 
  • We did our morning work together and then started on everyone's individual school work. Whitman did pretty well today, but he can still find a zillion things to do. I get a bit nuts when he stops writing in the middle of the word!
  • We finished our school work by noonish so that was wonderful. Then I ate my lunch before we did some more reading together. Then it was our Tuesday clean the house time! It took a bit longer today than last week, but the house is decent-ish at least for a few days.
  • Then since Campbell, Graham and Reagan all had snack tomorrow for Bible study, we went to work in the kitchen. I fried 2 pounds of meat. Reagan made chocolate oatmeal cookies. Campbell prepared cheese dip to heat it up tomorrow. And finally, Graham made ooey gooey.
  • While the ooey gooey was baking, Reagan and most everyone else jumped in the car to run to Nonna and Pops' house. And Reagan drove and we made it! She really did pretty well. (She only had one person pass her!) I hope to get her very comfortable driving over there and then we can branch out to other places!
  • We then came home, and somehow I ended up outside playing basketball. Then we joined Robby loading up the car. 
  • Tonight's supper was most more appreciated than last night's supper. Anderson was pretty relieved that we weren't having leftovers. Tonight was Hamburger Helper. Robby remembers having it in college and liking it, but we weren't huge fans tonight even with some sausage in it. The kids didn't seem to mind though!
  • Afterwards, the kids started on their showers before we all settled in to watch some tv before bed.

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