March 13, 2020

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  • Today was a bit of a limbo day-we went to bed thinking we would be packing all day today but woke up with plans delayed a bit. Now tonight, we also go to bed thinking we will be packing all day tomorrow. We shall see, but it looks like the Dennies will soon be on the road again.
  • The kids had a tiny bit of school to do today so when they did wake up they did that. We did work together for a tiny bit before doing a tiny bit of chores. As you can see-the only real things that they did today was just a tiny bit. Other than that, they did pretty much nothing. 
  • I also did pretty much nothing today. I have a whole list of things to do, but I guess that I am still pleased with myself for organizing the attic the other day so I wasn't too productive today.
  • Robby, Keaton and I did go to Sams. Robby needed some medicine, and we also found some chips that we needed. We didn't really need anything else so we didn't buy much. Now we did need some grocery store food, but that fun will come tomorrow. 
  • Once we came home, Robby and Reagan did some driving. When they returned home, she did say that I was a calmer driving instructor than Robby. I think that Robby makes her more nervous, so she gets uptight which just spirals a bit! 
  • This evening we went to down to road for some hot dogs. We haven't been out of our normal routines for a whole day yet, but the kids were sure glad to see each other. The kids played the entire time only stopping to eat. The adults chatted the whole time, only stopping to eat!
  • We came home with two extra kiddos tonight. Then there was a bit of trip planning late this evening which meant that we didn't get the kids into bed until around midnight.
  • Plus, Whitman didn't want to leave his bed tonight for the boys' friend so we had to convince him with sleeping in our room. He would only come downstairs to sleep if he slept in my bed with me-so yep, Robby is on the couch! 
  • It is nearly 1 now, and I did just have to fuss at the kids to go to sleep. Now to move Whitman back over to his side-he is a cuddler and keeps rolling back towards me!

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