March 11, 2020 and the SEC Championship!

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  • I am not too sure why Wednesday mornings are so crazy; maybe because it is the earliest that we ever have to leave the house. Plus there are all those Bibles, and Bible study books, and balls for the park, and two heads of hair to crimp, and jackets along with 3 different snacks this morning. It does make things so, so much easier that the kids now have some sense and can help out this morning.
  • The kids all love taking in their snacks for Bible study. Whitman's class just has goldfish or crackers each day so he is so ready to have good snacks! I do enjoy letting them have a chance to cook something just themselves though.
  • After Bible study, we went to someone's house. Candice knows them, but other than seeing her face at Bible study, we had never met. That house had 7 kids, plus some others that were over there, plus another family with quite a few (they drive a large van if that tells you anything), my 6, Candice's 4 and one other family. Um, yep-there were at least 30 kids. It was crazy, but nice nonetheless!
  • Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton weren't there for very long because Robby soon showed up with Andrew and Eli. Our van was loaded down, and they all headed out to the SEC Championship in Nashville. 
  • The kids were all excited-especially Graham. He could hardly wait this morning to finish Bible study so they could get on the road. Robby will probably detail their day a little bit more, but they made it to the arena in time to see some of the earlier game and then did their best to cheer the Hogs on to victory.
  • That just left Reagan, Whitman and I. We ran to Walmart-not for toilet paper or hand sanitizer, but for Easter eggs and bread. Once we made it to the big church on Lawson, Reagan drove on home for me. 
  • I was a bit productive this afternoon, but I also did have a nap. It was worth it! We soon loaded up for church. Reagan drove down Lawson and Crystal Valley. By the time we got to the end of Crystal Valley, she was happy to let me drive the rest of the way. 
  • We ran to the library before church. Then it was to church. There weren't as many kiddos there tonight so we ended up spending a bit of extra time on the playground. Once at home tonight, Reagan and I heated up potstickers while Whitman opted for a grilled cheese. 
  • I let them stay up a bit too late-that was fine with Reagan, but Whitman is convinced that he can't sleep by himself. He started out in his bed and is now in Keaton's bed. I am going to go ahead and make him a pallet in my floor because I know that he will end up with me! 

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