March 12, 2020 and the SEC Championship!

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  • Well, as we figured last night, the SEC Championship didn't really pan out like Robby and the kids had hoped. They ended up eating a Holiday Inn Express breakfast complete with cinnamon rolls before loading up to come back home. (Campbell was so looking forward to a pancake machine, but the one there was broken! Maybe we should have pancakes soon.)
  • Back at home, Whitman did in face stay in Keaton's bed all night long last night. He did look confused when he walked into my room this morning and saw a pallet on the floor. I told him that he could sleep on it tonight, but he reminded me that he wanted to sleep in my bed tonight. I reminded him that his daddy would be back in that spot-we will see who wins that position tonight!
  • Whitman and I did a bit of school work-I only had working together with him as his work. He was more than thrilled to learn that he didn't have to do any real writing work. And I was more than thrilled to just do our together work. 
  • I worked around the house this morning-laundry, dishes, treadmill, organizing an attic-all while Reagan watched the back of her eye lids, Whitman watched his ipad and I watched my phone seeing thing after thing cancelled in the upcoming weeks.
  • It is an interesting time that we currently live in. I am a bit bummed for Robby and the kids that they are missing the games-Graham was disappointed that we can't even watch the games. There was an event at Museum of Discovery Friday night along with Bible study and church for the next week. 
  • After listening to all of this all morning long, when I left the house I did what any good homeschooling mom would do-no, not the grocery store, I went to the library. I didn't have long because I was headed to the pregnancy center, but I still grabbed some books.
  • And I can't forget to add that when I left the house, Reagan was still asleep! I had to wake her up to tell her that Whitman was there and would need some attention. 
  • My time at the pregnancy center went by quickly. There was lots of disinfecting along with clothes folding. Soon I was on the way home and was happy to see that Reagan was indeed out of bed and downstairs near Whitman when I returned.
  • I had been home a bit when Robby and the crew came home. They had had a really good trip and still enjoyed their time even though it was shorter than anticipated. They did eat at a yummy bbq place in Memphis. 
  • We unloaded the car, but not too much because Robby is itching to get out of town for a little bit. Who knows where we may end up this next week? Soon most everything was unpacked-actually, I guess no one unpacked their bags! There is always tomorrow since we are having another lighter day of school!
  • We spent the evening watching tv and some of us even played Monopoly before it was finally bedtime!

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