Aubut 11, 2022

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  • This morning I had an appointment for Anderson since his throat has been hurting for a while. However, when he did wake up he decicided that he was enough better to not go to the doctor. I would bet that his throat has been sore from allergies so we are going to hit it hard with the allergy pills the next week or so.
  • I was again the first one awake in this house-I guess I have been the past few days. I have even been having to wake Bentley up to go and take a walk. She doesn't seem to mind, but if someone drug me for a mile minutes after waking me up, I would be a little bit soar for sure.
  • I worked with the three big this morning before Graham and Reagan headed to school. He had one class while she had one later in the afternoon. So he didn't have to stay for study hall, I did pick him up, but he opted to stay for lunch so I waited unitl after it was over. Maybe the boys will both want to stay for lunch on Tuesday too so that will help with me being able to slowly finish school here.
  • School did seem a bit slow today. When I am busy helping people and correcting things, then I am busy. But when no one is ready to work with me then I don't have much to do. Now, this time is just probably minutes at a time, but it is odd that people are growing up and needing me less during the school day.
  • Reagan came home stressed-that is her personality to be stressed about school even though she does just fine, and this is just the first week of school. After talking to her a bit, it was time to leave for the afternoon.
  • Keaton and I dropped Anderson and Graham off at Raymar to help with football evaluations. Then we went to the pregnancy center to work. We were there a bit later than usual, but still managed to get diapers refilled and some clothes folded before we left.
  • The boys wouldn't be finished for another hour, so instead of driving home, we went to the store to pick up a few things. This did give us quite a bit of time at the store-we walked up and down every aisle and found quite a few good sales. 
  • When we did get the boys, they were pretty hot, but seemed to enjoy the afternoon. Once at home, Robby had supper on the table for us all to eat. Reagan had already left for her Bible study, but had some when she came home. 
  • Anderson said that we needed some ice cream. so him and Robby drove to get some. Well, Anderson drove and Robby prayed. (He did fine-Anderson and well, Robby too.) They bought all the flavors at the store which we ate this evening with the Wilsons. 
  • After visiting for a while, they headed home while I quickly worked on the blog some so I can have plenty of time to put these people into bed!

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