August 12, 2022

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  • Robby and Graham spent the full day at the nutrition center for his last visit from his formula study when he was baby. They do a 14 year follow up-I remember when 14 years old seemed like it was so old, and now I still consider him a baby.
  • They left right at 8 this morning and didn't get home until 5. They had to run to ChickFilA in the middle of the day while waiting on the second half of the appointment at the hospital. Then on the way home, they had to run by Kroger to buy a dessert for this evening.
  • Even though we weren't doing all of school today, I still got up and went along my morning routine. Dishes, laundry and walking Bentley followed by pulling out school and making breakfast burritos. 
  • Whitman and Anderson still had a tiny bit of schoolwork to do. That was fine though since really after cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms there wasn't too much left to do today. Well, Anderson and I did start on a project, but gracious if I didn't have enough butter. Who runs out of butter?
  • The day has kind of been in constant flux-at least as far as Campbell is concerned. She was going to go to a friend's house at 4 and the it changed to 3 and then it was cancelled. Thankfully, she didn't seemed to bothered by the change of plans.
  • However, she still lucked out and was invited to a sleepover tonight. So Reagan took her to Target to buy a present, then they stopped for supper at Tacos for Life before Reagan dropped Campbell off. 
  • Earlier in the day, I had dropped Keaton off to go to a sleepover tonight as well. She was super excited to go and had packed first thing this morning.
  • Graham had a few people over tonight-I really can't tell you how many people were here. Not a ton, but a lot of big boys. There was just a lot of testerone, and I tried to stay out of the way. Robby bought at least 6 pizzas. I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be any left because they were making wagers about who could eat the most. However, I do think that their will be enough left for someone to have lunch tomorrow.
  • It is now after 10, and the party is kind of breaking up. There are a few folks still here-again, I don't know how many people are still here. Reagan has been trying to stay hidden in her room; however, it seems that high school boys like to talk to her. Bentley can't decide if she likes all of these people or if she is scared of them. And Whitman, he doesn't care what is happening because he knows that tonight is Friday night!

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