August 30, 2022

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  • This is school day for the big kids so the morning is a little bit different than usual. I work with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman first. What do when we work together you ask? Well, here is the current list: We read our history and science books, a Bible story book, a devotional book, a chapter book, a logic book, a catechisms book, another history book, a book about the presidents, a chapter from the Bible, plus we review some catechisms, a bit of memory work, and Bible verses. So with me moving through things as fast as I can, it does take us a full hour. And yes, that is still my favorite time of the day.
  • Afterwards, the kids started on their school work while I helped Graham with his math. Now my Anderson didn't seem to do math today or even yesterday. That is fine, but it just means that he has a lot to do in the next few days.
  • Reagan eventually showed up downstairs when it was time for them all to leave for school. Graham had a test and Reagan and Anderson started off in computer science. I then picked up the boys while Reagan stayed for lunch, english and college algebra. 
  • On the way home the boys, well the youngest, begged for ChickFilA. I reminded them that come December they would be able to stop by CFA on the way home if Anderson drove them to school. This did appease them a bit.
  • When Reagan did eventually come home this afternoon, she went right upstaris to start on her math work. I love that she is taking school seriously, but she may take things a bit too seriously. Ha! She is doing great in her math class-even though I (and she) was a bit worried about it. She has 100s on all of her homework and made a 92 on the last test.
  • Now for some reason, the beginning of the week always seems a bit long to me. I am not too sure why this is, but even wtih having to finish some school in the afternoon, the afternoons still drag. Today, we were a little busier than normal-quilt time. 
  • We bought the last bit of fabric last night which I cut out this morning. So today Keaton, with Campbell's assistance, laid out the quilt. We also sewed two rows together. Innitially, I had thought that I would be doing all of the sewing, but the girls asked and are both more than capable of doing it. I just make sure everything is as straight as it can be (and again, exactness is not my forte at all.) However, we are making memories along with the quilt.
  • Now after this, I ended up taking a nap before finally walking on the treadmill. Robby and I walked Bentley tonight as well, so in the last two days I have walked 10 miles. That is pretty good; however, I probably need to be running on that silly treadmill.
  • Keaton made our supper tonight-she is working on her chart. She made mashed potatoes and meatballs. It definitly killed hunger-and she is now pretty close to earning her game-espeically since doing the turkey dirty work earned her two extra meals.
  • It is pretty early to end the blog-but here is how things will probably go down tonight: Anderson will soon be done with the shower. He played basketball for over an hour outside today. Reagan is probably upstairs working on school work. Campbell and Keaton will start on their school work for tomorrow sometime soon. Graham and Whitman will never think about doing school work, but they sure will ask us for a snack in just a few minutes.

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