August 15, 2022

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  • School day number 5 and again there were no tears so it was a successful day for sure. I started the day working on ACT work with the big 3. Yikers! That's a bit stressful-too bad you can't get into college with your good looks or manners. 
  • After working with them, I helped everyone else until it was time to work with the 3 littles. That is my favorite time of the day-I love all of the things that we read. However, after reading for an hour my voice gets a little scratchy, but I still made it the whole hour.
  • By now it was lunch time, but I had to quickly help Reagan and Anderson with one little thing before helping Graham prep for a test. Afterwards, I finally had to finish working with Whitman. Now, Whitman did pretty good today. He finished his most important things along with a sufficient amount of his extra work. (Though he did do most of the easy extra things today.)
  • There wasn't too much down time until it was time to take Anderson and Graham to Raymar to work for a little bit. They worked during the football evals. When I picked them up, they were pretty hot and sweaty for sure, but I think that they did have a good time.
  • Once we made it back home, Keaton had made spaghetti for supper and even had the oven on for when Robby arrived home with his Costco run which also included some breadsticks for supper. We all ate together around the table.
  • Then Whitman did his last chore-walking Bentley. Usually the kids just "walk" Bentley around the yard. However, tonight we made him go on half of our nightly walk with us. We finished the walk with Bentley, but she was a bit worried about where Whitman had gone and kept looking back for him.
  • After our walk, I started work on the blog while some folks showered. I have finished reading all of my books that are here so I am not too sure what I will do for the rest of the evening.

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