August 7, 2022

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  • Sunday morning and even though we were at church early, the parking lot was packed in the back. It made us question if we were actually early or not. We were, and for some reason most of the poeple in the sanctuary were parked in the back becuase it wasn't too crowded there.
  • After church and Sunday school-oh, I have neglected to blog about this. But Keaton was at the New Believer's class today duriing church and Sunday school. She asked Jesus into her heart during music camp. 
  • The New Believer's class is the neatest thing-they take the Lord's Supper (which she actually did last week) and go and see the baptistry. I have helped with it before, and it is lots of fun.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house-she had the same menu that Grannymom had the week before. We all had a good laugh about that. It was not a big deal since we hadn't had lasagna for a week so it wasn't like we were having to eat leftovers or anything.
  • After eating and then visiting, we headed home. It was naptime for me-since this was the last day of summer vacation I was definitly going to get my nap in. After my nap, it did get a bit crazy around here-Anderson, Graham and Campbell left for church while Reagan had about 5 or 6 friends come over to hang out.
  • Robby and I started on supper-we had planned on having more pizza, but since we had pizza Friday night, Saturday for lunch and Saturday for supper, we opted to pork tenderloin instead along with mashed potaotes and green beans. Reagan's little freinds asked for my recipes for the green beans and mashed potatoes-I was really just kind of winging it, but did send them a little something.
  • The others stayed at Rock Creek visiting for a while. I'm certainly glad they enjoy hanging out at church. When they came back, they had already eaten, but I do think that they still snacked on some of our supper and helped work on the finishing off some of the desserts that we had.
  • It was definitely a full house here for a while. Reagan's people left, the Wilson's left and then Noah left by the time that I could clean the kitchen-and then it was bedtime for this house-tomorrow starts school. An 11th graders, 10th grader, 9th grader, 7th grader, 5th grader and 4th grader will all be here!

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